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  • Aedo


    Aedo is a group of companies specializing in the manufacture of espadrilles and rope sandals for women

    It is located in La Rioja region, famous for its manufacture of footwear.

    Fashion and shoes for women who understand their day to day as an exciting challenge.

    He was born 25 years ago, but they like to feel born again every time you have a new collection.

    His true passion is designing quality footwear, using traditional methods, combining style and comfort, and making shoes one by one to reach millions of women around the world.

    Created Aedo one by one

  • Amberone


    Crafts Benidel Footwear was founded in 1999 with projection in the domestic and international markets, and promoting work in the town of Cap and surroundings.

    Specialists blucher moccasins and shoes laces.

    We are a Spanish footwear company have a track record on the Spanish market and other countries Europa.Es a totally handcrafted footwear is a family business with a raw materials and excellent workmanship.

    Our footwear is manufactured by high quality craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to making calzado.Somos high quality footwear.

    The company motto is to make the shoe comfortable for our customers.

    They are shoes manufactured in Spain.

  • Andrea Chenier

    Andrea Chenier

    Andrea Chenier is an artisan factory based in Almansa

    All their products are made by professionals who know all the techniques of the treatment process of the different types of skins

    They have a large collection of dress shoes and ceremony for men and women, always emphasizing their current designs following the latest fashion trends

    Andrea Chenier

  • Ara Shoes

    Ara Shoes

    Ara: walking more than six decades.

    Over 4,000 highly qualified professionals in our own manufacturing facilities. More than 9 million pairs annually produced and distributed in 50 countries worldwide.
    Leading manufacturer of footwear with Gore-Tex. They are some of the details that make plowing in one of the largest shoe manufacturers in Europe.

    Comfortable shoes, designed for you.

    From the beginning, we have sought ara in our footwear a balance between design, durability and comfort. After more than 60 years working on this objective we can say that we have found. Therefore, we develop techniques and innovative solutions designed to produce high quality shoes, extremely comfortable and an exceptional fit. Three pillars that underpin our company philosophy, under which every year we create new collections that meet the requirements of comfort and design of our consumers. Because we believe that our brand recognition begins when it becomes part of the lives of millions of people who share a sense of fit ara.

  • Asics Onitsuka Tiger

    Asics Onitsuka Tiger

    Onitsuka Tiger is a Japanese sports brand with a great athletic heritage. It is famous and known worldwide for quality and innovation year after year with their products. His entire collection is manufactured with traditional methods and inspiration needed to surprise the audience today.

    Get a collection of casual and casual shoes so beloved young and dynamic people looking comfortable and attractive shoes that fit your lifestyle.

    Onitsuka Tiger is a division that handles footwear and urban retrorunning the Asics brand

    Asics Onitsuka and occupy an important place in the world of fashion, sport and sneaker heads.

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  • Callaghan Adaptaction

    Callaghan Adaptaction

    The Callaghan brand was born in 1987 with a different than what existed before philosophy, there was a multicultural discourse of freedom and genuineness anticipating subsequent market globalization and homogenization of consumption. In the beginning Callaghan materialized in one type of product very cowboy, cowboy boots and rocking style boots, a trend that predominated in the late 80s and that Callaghan was a pioneer in Spain.

  • Calzados Laro

    Calzados Laro

    Calzados Laro is a family company with many years of experience in the manufacture of different types of footwear. They manufacture with great quality both in their materials and in their designs and that is why it is highly appreciated by professionals in the sector.

    Every year they create new collections with current designs, attractive and with a wide variety of colors and textures. Developing the latest fashion trends

    Dare with its cheerful designs and bright colors.

  • Calzados Vesga

    Calzados Vesga

    Vesga Shoes is a company with more than 25 years old but with a young and innovative spirit.

    Our physical facilities are located in the historic city of Burgos, in Castilian lands, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. We invite you to know and take the chance to know us in person, all our staff will receive you with open arms.

    Vesga Shoes is an SME with familiar character. At present we have a team of highly qualified manager to provide each season the best and most current market shoes and accessories both Spanish and international.

    Our philosophy is to innovate, but providing more and better services to our customers continuously: personalized service, exclusive collections, promotions and information, etc ...

    Thanks for visiting.

  • Camper


    Camper Imagination Walks.Visionarios and pioneers. A family business that part of the tradition towards a dream. To change things, learn and share. The passion and commitment of a man as the foundation of today's success.

  • Carmela Shoes

    Carmela Shoes

    Carmela is a brand that bets to put at our reach all kinds of footwear and accessories.

    Current designs for both men and women.

    Every year they put at our disposal a wide variety of models, as wide as our tastes.

    We will always find a model that suits our needs from the flat sole to the vertigo heels. Smooth blades or decorated with fantasies.

    All the manufacture of Carmela is made in Spain by expert craftsmen to print to the collection the maximum quality because with this footwear on our feet we will have quality shoes, comfortable, elegant and always following the latest fashion trends.

    Made in Spain

  • Clarks


    It all began in 1825 in the small town of Street in the county of manufacture Somerset.La flourished soon after, boosted by the purchase in 1856 of the newly invented sewing machine by Singer.

    In the early twentieth century, Clarks expanded rapidly under the leadership of John, Roger, and Alice Clark. Introduced new technologies and materials, took full advantage of the economies of mass production and reacted to the variable fashion and the appearance of "woman ankle" putting more emphasis on the development of women's shoes.

    In the early 50's, Nathan Clark introduced the Model Desert Boot, the boot had personality and quickly gained popularity worldwide.

    Also in the early 60s, the new designs contributed unique characteristics in terms of adaptation to the foot. These models established the general rule to follow for comfort and good shoe fit.

    During the decade of the 70s Clarks investment in technological research paid off with the introduction of polyurethane as a sole material, this provided incredible advantages in terms of comfort for customers Clarks. The polyurethane technology, extremely lightweight yet virtually indestructible, established the basis for many successful lines of Clarks, from polyveldts in the early 70s to the latest products from Active Air lines and Springers, incorporating the cushion of air into the soles of polyurethane.

    Today Clarks shoes is the No.1 brand in the world, being in the UK, leading outlets and children's shoes.

  • Cressy


    Cressy Women Shoes Stylish and Comfortable 

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  • Dansi


    Shoes designed for women with personality. Made in Spain.

    Dansi's mission is to offer its customers cutting-edge products, best quality and outstanding finishes.

    This has positioned itself as a leading company in the footwear sector, able to adapt to the changing market, remains the innovation and quality.

    Dansi Elche is a company specializing in women's shoes high claidad, 100% MADE IN SPAIN.

    With strong international vocation Dansi is in the best boutiques in countries like Australia, USA, Germany, Russia and much of the country.

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  • Elvio Zanon

    Elvio Zanon

    Elvio Zanon Design Italian in your feet 

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  • F&D


    F & D is a company that manufactures and sells handbags and accessories for women with elegant or casual style but with the personality and like to follow the latest fashion trends set.

    To meet the needs of their clients are based on the following points:

    Design, are aware of the latest international trends to reconcile with their own creativity and get full dynamic collections

    Quality, feature a 13,000 m2 factory where they produce under the supervision of qualified personnel all collections

    Competitiveness, get bags to offer competitive prices, aseguibles any pocket.

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  • Geox


    Mario Moretti Polegato founded the company in the nineties inspired after a walk in the Rocky Mountains of Reno, Nevada (USA), with rubber shoes that overheated feet. To alleviate resorted to pierce the soles with a knife and in doing so I find a simple and effective way to release excess heat from their shoes.

    Encouraged by his revealing finding, Moretti began working on this idea in a small shoe workshop of his family in Montebelluna, I dondedesarrollo a new technology for rubber soles based on a simple physical principle: the beads of sweat are 15 times smaller than the water.

    After finding the solution immediately patented it and thus created the first "breathable shoe".

    Home production of its shoes in Italy, under the trademark Geox, combination of the word "GEO" (Greek for "earth") and the letter "X" (the letter / element symbolizing technology).

    I start with making children, but in a few years Moretti improved its original patented technology and new developments that expanded its product range to shoes for adults and subsequently to the textile.

    Between 2000 and 2003 it expanded internationally and in a few years inaugurated the Geox Shops, located in locations recognized as first purchase.

    But the success of this firm is not only based on a new patented technology. In such a fashion related industry and trends, do not neglect the aesthetics of their creations as well as useful and comfortable also attractive for their customers.

  • Gino Vaello

    Gino Vaello

    Gino Vaello

    It is a brand of apparel and footwear for women party

    Every year we are surprised with a collection full of interesting creations for consiguamos a modern look and new

    Gino Vaello style on our feet

  • Gorila


    Gorilla Children's shoes Resistant Children

  • H
  • Hispanitas


    Hispanitas a line of footwear aimed at young, active and dynamic women who want a quality product with premium materials.

  • Hush Puppies

    Hush Puppies

    Hush Puppies, modern footwear, relaxed and classic in design. Entire collection has authentic style and casual appeal.

    Soft leather casual shoes for your

  • I
  • Igi&Co


    Igi & Co specialize in shoes with Gore-Tex

    Since 2002 the brand has been developing in accordance with the principles of technical performance product, the search and the Italian stylistic taste: footwear characterized by extreme lightness, flexibility and breathability thanks to the use of fine leathers.

    All collections IGI & CO have shoes for a "cross", comfortable and "benefits" of sports shoes, but with proper urban look for both formal occasions and for everyday life situations use

    For that reason, at the launch of the brand's slogan "Sport Inside", precisely to express the strong dedication of the brand by high yields and multifunctionality is used.

    Besides the style, especially care, may well allow formal employment and place work, travel and transportation, but at the same time to stroll and relax for the weekend.

    Therefore it is a universal product, dynamic and modern use.

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  • Juncal Aguirre

    Juncal Aguirre

    Juncal Aguirre is the trademark of CALZANOR, SL a young, dynamic, dedicated to the design and manufacture of espadrilles hand sewn company.

    Since the company was founded in 1989, our main objective has been the combination of a comfortable, stylish and practical footwear, always following the fashion trends. All our espadrilles are hand sewn and experience tells us that this craftsmanship is the key to the flexibility and convenience of our product.

    The result of the work of all people formanCALZANOR, SL makes our clients nationally and internationally decide each new season have espadrille in their stores.

  • K
  • Kickers


    The story began in 1970 when Daniel Raufast, creator of KICKERS, stopped in front of the poster American musical HAIR, reflecting an important libertarian movement.

    A whole generation of boundless energy and invents new aspirations, day after day, a way of life unprecedented. The keywords of this fully committed youth to live their dreams are:

    Dreams flying directly to the skin, and practices embodied in colorful clothes which are so many claims of identity. In this fantasy claimed wardrobe is still missing a key element, it would be the shoe which jeans are the pants; the symbol of an alternative culture, the expression of a difference at the same time a promise of pleasure. This shoe first appeared in the spring of the same year called KICKERS.

    Based on the word KICK (kicking) and KER (for the American line), you add an "S" to mark the similarity with jeans.

    Like JEANS, fetish of the children of rock, KICKERS is solid, practical and comfortable. As SHIRTS variegated offspring of Flower Power, is alive, is cheerful and colored. And almost everything that they like to wear to the heirs of the "Swinging Sixties" values ​​the simplicity and authenticity of natural raw materials.

    Very quickly the hallmarks of these new products were defined, inspired jeans codes:

    • the label sewn on the shovel
    • Recorded eyelets

    The philosophy of the Kickers shoes can be summarized as:

    • A state of mind, bohemian and casual ... A cheerful view of the World and Family: authenticity, conviviality, joy, generosity, simplicity and complicity.
    • A spirit of youth that combines casualness and spontaneity.
    • A gateway shoe between generations.

  • L
  • LaLiek


    LaLiek passion for Women's Bags and Accessories 

  • Legero


    The Footwear Company GmbH

    was founded in 1872, is headquartered in Graz and is majority owned by the Stolitzka family. 
    The company’s headquarters is also the creative and logistics centre for the
    development of the Legero® and superfit brands. The company operates its own
    production facilities in Europe, employs nearly 1,000 people globally and is an
    important player on the European shoe market.

    Legero® – “The Lightweight Shoe“

    sees itself as a global shoe brand for adults and serves as a passionate partner to
    shoe dealers almost all over Europe. It produces and sells more than 600,000 pairs
    of lightweight shoes each year. 
  • Lodi


    We become Lodi in 1978 Date when we took the first step in a project that has grown into a firm of international footwear with presence in over 30 countries. With clients in 3 continents.

    Since then millions of women who have any of our designs footwear. Millions and millions of women shared moments that somehow felt part.

    Today, we continue to work with the same enthusiasm and conviction in 1978, but with the experience that gives out midlife creating shoes, worshiping women carrying them.

    We become Lodi in 1978 and never cease to be.

    Lodi All collections are made entirely in Spain, and today, we look proudly "Made in Spain".

  • Luis Gonzalo

    Luis Gonzalo

    Since the 60s, the name of LUIS GONZALO is closely linked to the production of high quality footwear with traditional production processes that they focus on the small details, and an elegant design that gives each of our shoes a twist.

    And of course, with the use of high quality materials to make each shoe a truly unique work, where the technology of materials and designs merges with the handmade nature of our production.

    Specialists in designing and producing classic and timeless shoe style adapted to the latest fashion.

    Enjoy your Oxford, Blucher Boots

    Luis Gonzalo Handmade in Spain

  • M
  • Martinelli


    From 1973 to design and build Martinelli shoes and handbags care to detail, with love and dedication, and know-how that leads us to choose the best materials and the skins of the highest quality.

    The result: unique collections complete any wardrobe and designs to match current trends retaining our unique character.

    Each collection is inspired in different environments, and it is this versatility that allows us to be part of your day.

    Martinelli is a style of urban and cosmopolitan life. The essence of collections Martinelli is the design and color.

    Collections for men and women

  • Merrell


    Since 1981 year that Backpacker Magazine named Merrell boots to "the most comfortable and functional boots North America" to this day the brand has always been innvoando and developing products to help you conquer the highest peaks of mountains or simplemete to enjoy your city.

    Due to the physiological differences between men and women Merrell develops a specific collection for women that their products suit the stride bone structure and women to give them comfort.

    Teconologias are constantly innovating new products and help you to go outside.

    A for another 30 years of adventure

  • Muroexe


    Muroexe has managed to satisfy the needs of a young and dynamic audience with their designs.

    A unique footwear design with an aesthetic approach that combines the functionality and comfort of a sneaker with the elegance of traditional shoes.

    Designed in Spain

    In its collections we can find the best option for the speed of life in the city

    Muroexe Do The Future

  • N
  • New Balance

    New Balance

    New Balance, performance and quality. Urban Footwear Sneakers deportivas.Zapatillas and benefits for men, women and children

  • Nordikas


    Nordika's was founded in 1983 the result of two professional entrepreneurship footwear, Gregory Thomas and Gonzalo Juarez, the city of Elche (Alicante).

    In its beginnings, its activities are focused on the manufacture of "house slippers" which is then known as the footwear used inside homes. After a few years, and the result of concerns of its founders began developing Nordika's through an intensive R & D, and with the idea of ​​introducing fashion in homes, which eventually became the birth of a new category of product that pioneered Nordika's: footwear home.

    Currently, Nordika's designs continue to surprise every season with trend-setting models that are synonymous with genuine comfort for their soft fur, resilient flooring, breathable and comfortable indoor molds.

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  • Pedro Miralles

    Pedro Miralles

    Pedro Miralles, began manufacturing footwear in 1953 along with relatives, but, years later in 1959, when born what is today the signing Pedro Miralles. Its beginnings were modest, but gradually begins to position themselves in the early 70s, the current factory is created, a model since the technology applied to footwear. Throughout the decade, is the golden age of the company, he worked in shifts, 24 hours a day, and all footwear production is concentrated in the domestic market.

    In the 80s, Pedro Miralles son, joined the company, bringing fresh and new ideas, seen from another perspective. Make changes to the product involving a major restructuring, both technological and human. In 1992 the expansion begins overseas, focusing on the European market, establishing the firm internationally, opening new markets by the end of the decade in Japan and the Middle East.

    In the late 90s, it becomes part of the team Amparo, youngest daughter of the founder of the firm. With her first communication strategies focused on brand implanted. Begins a new phase, in which season after season communication actions occur: development of corporate brand identity, advertising at point of sale, fashion press, television, cinema, theater ...

    Also during the first decade of the century, continue to open new markets such as Australia, New Zealand, Central America or South Africa.

    Currently the signature designs have achieved international recognition and are present in the 5 continents.

    Among the collections of Pedro Miralles we can find different styles and concepts always thinking of a sophisticated woman who's like the world of fashion.
    We can buy from their classic rubber boots that fit our legs like a glove with different patterns and colors, choosing either rounded edge or profiled.
    If you prefer a traditional boots have designs ranging from the middle Carthusian boots high boots over the knee design and made with leather and quality materials.
    In booties choose between designs with wedges or heels of different heights and widths, with innovative designs and comfortable
    Within the world of shoes we will find the latest trends ranging from Oxford to the halls with the sharp tip.
    Enjoy the quality and attention to detail of this innovative footwear brand.

  • Pepe Castell

    Pepe Castell

    Pepe Castell Fashion Cute Shoes

  • Pepe Moll

    Pepe Moll

    Pepe Moll is dedicated not only to the manufacture of bags in leather and synthetic, but it is also a big part in creating new trends in the sector.

    The origin of our firm is found in the Alicante town of Elda, in the hands of the brothers Corpus Moll and his company, Cormode SL Nearly 30 years experience our dedication and commitment to quality and design, manifesting through our products.

    Delivery we put into what we do has led us to position ourselves as one of the leading producers in the country. Our commitment is to continue the growth trajectory that has characterized so far, offering unique, highly crafted and feminine personality characteristic signature Pepe Moll products.

    We promote quality and design

  • Pikolinos


    Pikolinos was founded in 1984 by John Perán, its current president.

    Pikolinos is primarily a shoe with personality. For us each shoe is unique, therefore, we bring our experience and expertise in the traditional processes that seal character.

    We identify with the lifestyle of the Mediterranean, with its light and colorful, but also the peaceful character of its people. That's why our shoes are designed for comfort and quality, values ​​that we are above trends.

    The skin is the absolute protagonist of our shoes. Pikolinos shoe is 'what is' for the quality with which we manufacture: comfortable, durable, unique, handcrafted finishes and especially Naturally Good ".

    Our skins are only natural treatments

  • R
  • Ria


    Ria Merging tradition and modernity

    Shoes RIA has over 60 years of experience in the footwear industry. Truyol Bartholomew in 1947 was the driving force of a business, after various stages, has positioned itself as one of the leading manufacturer of "Avarques of Menorca."

    Truyol Carlos Serra took over from his father as head of the family business after several years working closely to learn the trade of shoemaker. The second generation of this family business has managed to turn the traditional footwear of the island in a fashion that is gaining popularity in Spain and also in countries like Italy, Britain or France.

    One of the hallmarks of the company's innovation and commitment to design and fashion, with a collection of three hundred models sandals season. The brand has been a pioneer in the manufacture of sandals with wedge sole, with heels 3.5 to 7 inches; laser die-cut blades; and hand-painted by a master artisan of Menorca, which share the limelight with traditional rustic soled brogues tire.

  • S
  • Skechers


    An award-winning global leader in the casual footwear industry, designs, develops and markets casual footwear that appeals to trend for men, women and children.

    Company over a billion dollars, SKECHERS success stems from its employees, high-quality, varied product offering, diversified channels national and international distribution, and print and broadcast advertising edge.

    With more than 3,000 styles, SKECHERS meets the needs of male and female consumers of all ages
    SKECHERS brands' include SKECHERS Sport, SKECHERS USA, SKECHERS Active, SKECHERS Cali, Shape-ups SKECHERS, Tone-ups by SKECHERS, SKECHERS Resistance, SKECHERS Work and SKECHERS Kids.

    Internationally, SKECHERS sells its products through subsidiaries in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, the Benelux region, Brazil and Chile, as well as a joint venture with China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

    SKECHERS also has an extensive network of global distributors that sell its products in more than 100 countries and territories, and have opened stores in major metropolitan cities around the world.

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  • Timberland



    We are a big company made ​​up a lot of small parts and incredibly talented people. We make boots, shoes, clothing and gear that are comfortable enough to wear all day and rugged enough for all year. We do not rest on our accomplishments. If we did, we would never have made ​​a waterproof leather boot.

    Our place in the world is bigger than the things we put into it. So we help in our communities. Making new products goes hand in hand with making things better. That means reducing our carbon footprint and being environmentally responsible.

    We love every minute we spend outdoors, and we work hard to create products that make the experience better in every way.

    It was founded in 1978, has 5,600 employees and is marketed worldwide.

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  • V
  • W
  • Wonders



    Wonders is a Spanish brand that comes to producing your entire collection in the Levant, with professionals who know the skins and the best way to work with them.

    Wonders casual footwear for active women. Enjoy boots, boots, shoes, ballerinas and sandals made ​​from Spain with love.

    Wonders has been characterized by collections full of originality and comfort. Focus on women's footwear and all seasons surprise us with their designs.

    They have boots, boots, ballerinas, flat shoes and sandals with heels or wedge so you can choose the model that best fits your feet.

    Match your shoes with your favorite clothes and get a modern and flattering look.

  • Woz


    Woz? is an Italian brand with more than 10 years of history but have been in the footwear sector through other brands for more than 45 years.

    Bold designs with a marked cosmopolitan accent make the collections of this manufacturer always attractive to thousands of users around the world

    They manufacture more than 700,000 pairs a year and distribute them throughout Europe and the Middle East