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Hispanitas a line of footwear aimed at young, active and dynamic women who want a quality product with premium materials.

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Hispanitas, a dream, a mission.

For the team that we are Hispanitas, our work goes beyond being a brand of shoes and accessories. Our collections reflect our own way of understanding life, developing a spoiled product from the start, to reflect your own feelings and values​​. If we succeed, that's when we feel satisfied for a job well done. Only then is when we can proudly defend each of our collections.

Our inspiration and starting point in each of our creations is "Women Hispanitas". An urban, dynamic and enterprising woman seeking an ally in his shoes that hold your pace every day, and not let the lack of comfort will slow.

And you are looking at a single product: QUALITY, COMFORT and FASHION

In love with our work

Our product will not be possible without the human and team of professionals that form the body of Hispanitas. The importance of each of us is something we cherish and not neglect, as we do with our product.