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From the moment of its creation, SALVI CALZADOS has chosen to offer a personalized service to our clients. An option that, although it has determined the company's production process, has also strengthened its competitiveness in the face of imports.

Jose Javier Salvador is in charge of the firm. Soon he realized that the main thing was to adapt to the demands of the specialized trade that demanded a shoe made practically to the letter. "We offer a wide variety of items, which also incorporate many elements of fantasy. The truth is that jute footwear has a great particularity, and this is that it facilitates many variations on the sample book, such as incorporating wedges of 4, of 5 cm, or make a model in 8 or 10 different canvases. It is precisely this possibility that allows us to satisfy the demand. Hence, we provide a personalized service.


We have the capacity to make small batches against which Asian producers cannot compete, prepared to make large productions. "

Salvi Calzados began in jute with the manufacture of the classic espadrille.

Over time, he began to develop fantasy proposals that expanded the commercial possibilities of the company. "As is traditional in the jute sector, manufacturing is done completely by hand. We use totally natural materials such as jute, cotton and leather. To make our collections we use fantasy fabrics and also nappa, with a wide variety of finishes. Our main The goal is to create a comfortable shoe without giving up on design. "

There is no doubt that the brand has managed to create very attractive models, which have very reasonable prices and that have allowed it to retain a type of clientele made up mainly of middle-aged women who are looking for a shoe that is, above all, comfortable. We make some very suggestive designs thought for a woman who can be neat and sophisticated, and at the same time wear a practical and comfortable shoe that is very easy to combine.