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The story began in 1970 when Daniel Raufast, creator of KICKERS, stopped in front of the poster American musical HAIR, reflecting an important libertarian movement.

A whole generation of boundless energy and invents new aspirations, day after day, a way of life unprecedented. The keywords of this fully committed youth to live their dreams are:

Dreams flying directly to the skin, and practices embodied in colorful clothes which are so many claims of identity. In this fantasy claimed wardrobe is still missing a key element, it would be the shoe which jeans are the pants; the symbol of an alternative culture, the expression of a difference at the same time a promise of pleasure. This shoe first appeared in the spring of the same year called KICKERS.

Based on the word KICK (kicking) and KER (for the American line), you add an "S" to mark the similarity with jeans.

Like JEANS, fetish of the children of rock, KICKERS is solid, practical and comfortable. As SHIRTS variegated offspring of Flower Power, is alive, is cheerful and colored. And almost everything that they like to wear to the heirs of the "Swinging Sixties" values ​​the simplicity and authenticity of natural raw materials.

Very quickly the hallmarks of these new products were defined, inspired jeans codes:

• the label sewn on the shovel
• Recorded eyelets

The philosophy of the Kickers shoes can be summarized as:

• A state of mind, bohemian and casual ... A cheerful view of the World and Family: authenticity, conviviality, joy, generosity, simplicity and complicity.
• A spirit of youth that combines casualness and spontaneity.
• A gateway shoe between generations.

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