Guarantees Articles

All items purchased in our stores are guaranteed for a period of 2 years against all manufacturing defects. To exercise the warranty the customer must keep the ticket purchase and the original packaging of the product.

If you notice a manufacturing defect, the / the item / s must be submitted at the same establishment where they were purchased, along with the ticket purchase, indicating the observed anomaly and the data needed to establish contact with the purchaser. In the case of not being able to acercase establishment must send one or more photographs in which you can appreciate the defect so they can watch and then check the quality department VESGA CALZADOS

The shipping of the items from the client's home to our stores are paid by the client. The costs to remedy the defect of manufacture (labor, materials) borne by VESGA CALZADOS

The Store Address may choose to repair, refund the full price or replacement. The duration of the repairs will not interrupt the warranty period. The product change, return or repair may be photographed to keep track of the state of the same, and you can practice establishment- -held the nondestructive analysis to distinguish product failure evil given by the consumer use.

Time to Repair

Calzados Vesga no commitment to any urgent repair.

Warranty claims are not valid in the following cases:

By expiry of the warranty period

Not to keep the document evidencing the purchase
In the event that the item has been tampered with or altered by the user or third parties not authorized by Vesga Shoes; subject to misuse.

Responsible Procurement

The acquisition of appropriate footwear is not the sole responsibility of the customer, especially in cases where the end user must use specific footwear because of some pathology or advice of a specialist before purchasing. 

Changes and Refunds (*)

Changes of items will be made within fifteen (15) days following the date of receipt of the item or items to which will require the presentation of the receipt or invoice issued business days. Cash refunds will be made on request up to fifteen (15) days from the date of purchase in the same way they were paid working days. The customer will be responsible for the safekeeping and proper use of the document issued in these transactions.

May only be exchanged or returned for refund items that are supplied by the customer in perfect condition to put them back up for sale, along with the sales receipt and the original packaging of the product. Therefore they can not be refunded or exchange those items damaged by normal use or foreseeable, or altered by the customer or by unauthorized third parties.

Reservations of items: 2 days to prescribe stocks items made ​​by customers that have not been removed from the establishment. The customer may request a refund of the amount of such operations in the Box Shop.

The option price advantage - Upon presentation of proof of purchase or Ticket Box customers can exercise it once if during this period of 15 days to return or exchange the items were offered for sale at a different price to the original price acquisition, and in these cases the exchange or refund will be made by reference to the most favorable price for the customer.

To begin the process of exchange or refund the customer must send an email to [email protected] or call our phone number Customer:

+34 947 261 673 indicating return if the reason for it and a code current account where we can perform a transfer in his favor, and in the case of change need to know the item you want (model, brand, size, color, etc).

If the order is returned to origin because the carrier was unable to deliver the goods (negligent of it) to the recipient, our company will bear the costs of the first forwarding.

In the event that the carrier had operated correctly, Vesga Shoes will not be responsible and will resend the customer, if they wished, who must pay a new shipment. In case of not wanting forwarding the item amount (s) payable to the order, but not the shipping costs will be refunded. Expenses related to changes of delivery address requested customer once the order has reached the destination location of the initial order are paid by the client.

If the return or exchange is due to an error on our part as far as shipping is concerned, Shoes Vesga send his courier service to pick up the package to a place (to be found in the same locality where the packet was received, the client must specify us the same warning message incidence. Obviously Vesga Shoes takes care of all the expenses of returning and shipping back the correct order in the event of change.

Upon receiving the packet, the condition of the product is confirmed and actually was a negligence on our part and proceed to the shipment of the product for exchange and money back in case of return within the 15 Business Days following its receipt in our warehouse. The money will be credited back to the customer by bank transfer to the account number or by refunding the amount to your credit card.

If the shipment was successful for us and the exchange or return due to personal reasons the client, the treatment changes will differ from the returns.

In the case of return will be the customer who bears all shipping costs derived from the first shipment and subsequent return. To make the change or refund the customer must send back the product to the address listed at the end of this point. Upon receiving the packet, the condition of the product is confirmed and will proceed to the shipment of the product for exchange and money back in case of return within 10 business days of its receipt. The money will be credited back to the customer by bank transfer to the account number or by refunding your credit card.

The address to which we should be getting the product is:

Plaza Mayor, 17 
09003 Burgos

In the case of changes of the same product size and model, the customer liable for the postage of shipping the product to CALZADOS VESGA address. For orders placed within the Spanish territory sending the new size will be forwarded free by VESGA CALZADOS as a sign of appreciation to the trust of our customers. For international shipments will be the customer who must bear the costs of the new forwarding .. Those whose shipments shipping costs exceed € 5.00 will be the client who must make up the difference. For second and subsequent changes on the same order, the customer is responsible for both sizes. In cases where the customer has benefited from the promotion of free shipping on the first shipment, the delivery of the second shipment will be charged to VESGA CALZADOS.

VESGA SHOES is responsible for your expense of getting the article under warranty provider if necessary and its subsequent delivery to the home, workplace customer ....

Tickets and Invoices

The issuance of the ticket or invoice constitutes acceptance of the general conditions of contract, valid contract with knowledge of the seller and buyer.

Prices: Vesga Shoes reserves the right to make, at any time and without notice, changes in the conditions of the tender which it considers relevant and can update, even daily, and prices in different outlets.

The prices are detailed on each product include VAT.

Security Measures

The property may be equipped with security systems and monitoring in the areas of private use and open to the public areas, which may include among other anti-theft systems, observation and / or recording of pictures and sound systems that are property of the company, which is not shared with third parties unless the authorities require.

Likewise, the establishment may be provided with systems to prevent fraud, among other connections to servers consist of credit card authorization, detection of counterfeit banknotes, require proper identification to the user credit card or debit card, and marking of banknotes, coins or cards that are detected fraudulent use.

Reading these circumstances.
is forced to read and accept these conditions before continuing your purchase.

Telephone Sale

Delivery shall be deemed made at the time the carrier has put the products to the customer and has signed the document on receipt of delivery. The client must check the goods upon receipt and expose all the caveats and complaints may be justified in document delivery receipt.

Deliveries of Products to Address
Shoes vesga no commitment to any express delivery. The delivery times indicated by Vesga Shoes are for guidance and Vesga Shoes strives to respect. However, the delay does not imply the cancellation of the order nor any compensation. Any penalty clause for delay introduced by the customer in the order is not effective.

Vesga Shoes always try to ship products by UPS, or TIPSA SEUR. However, reserves the right to send them by means it deems fit if necessary to meet its commitments. The shipping price of a kilo of weight to anywhere in continental Spain vary according to current rates Transportation Service.

When shipping to the Canary charges for transportation, insurance, and local taxes Canarios and entry clearance must be paid by the customer at the time of receiving the shipment.

Product returns will not be accepted whose seal has been broken or tampered

Standardized Symbols

In the box you will find the store explanation of the standard used in industry for materials shoemaking symbols.

(*) These conditions may vary in different establishments. See terms and conditions at the store buying the item.