Women's Casual shoes

These are the more suitable shoes for our intense way of life as they provide us with comfort and functional convenience so we can match them easily with our clothes.

We may find different heel highs, but the more usual are the middle high ones (3cm to 5 cm), also for wedges. Almost all these shoes dispose of synthetics soles for their comfort when walking due to their flexibility and lightness.

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There are lots of different styles and we can find them with round, square, snip or pointy toes.

We will get the original look we’re looking for by choosing the model that best suits our needs.

Types of Casual women shoes

Ballet flats

They are an essential shoe wear that can’t be missing in our wardrobe. They fit with shorts, leggings, skirts and miniskirts. They may be completely flat or up to 3cm heel high. Plain or decorated, they always show off fine.

Ballet flats, also known as “manoletinas” are very useful, as being small and comfortable; you can take them in your bag when you go out to an evening party so you can wear them when you can’t stand anymore your heel shoes. Available in many colours, we can match them with all styles and go on feasting happily.

Oxfords or laces shoes

They are called Oxford because during the XIX th century almost all students in Oxford University wore them. They usually have a medium high heel and we can choose between plain or brogue. We have them in one colour or in very smart bi-colour combinations. If you love to break the mould you can also find funny multi-colored models. They give us a masculine and British touch that provides us a sophisticated look that has a great success among celebrities.

These shoes offer us a different stylish than others. Combine them with dresses or skinny trousers, their classic 50’s aesthetic will provide you with grace and an original touch that will amaze everyone when you pass by.


The shoes that will be never old fashioned, perfect for jeans. We may find them with the traditional penny loafer design or with tassels. Medium high heels below 3cm.

They look like men’s shoes, they are smart and perfect for working. As they have low heels they will let you wear them all day long without any problem. Most common colours are black and brown but they can also be found in beige or burgundy, no doubt you will make a success with one of these colours!


Easy to slip in and out they usually have hidden stretch bands in the vamp so they fit perfectly to your feet. They are unisex, as well used by men but combined with the right clothes they can be very feminine.

Loafers are extremely comfortable and you can find them in many different textures, since the more classic leather to smooth suede. As you dispose of loafers in all colours, the amount of different version in these shoes is huge. Find your favorite here.


The absolute urban trend. The classic traditional sport shoes adapted to modern life. We are talking about a shoe that provides us with comfort, lightness and casual design with beautiful colours combination without all the performances of sports shoes. Most of them provide EVA cushioned footbed which will absorb our corporal weight when walking.

Nowadays, you don’t wear your sneakers only to practice sport as you can match them with your casual outfit; with your jeans and t-shirt, casual dresses.

For the cutest girls, we have the last riot in sneakers, the inside wedges, which will slender you as if you wore heels but with the sneakers sportive look. Every it-girl shows them, ¿and you?

All these shoes provide removable and padded insoles which absorb our corporal weight and supply comfort when walking. We will be able to stand for hours wearing these kind of shoes.

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