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El Naturalista is a firm that believes in people, it is a community of believers.

Believers we are people who believe in people and in the possibility of a change in the world based on our behavior and attitude.

Our main objective is to generate opportunities through cooperation projects for development and social transformation.

El Naturalista designs nature-inspired shoes for committed people.

Shoes with the VEGAN stamp do not contain any product of animal origin.

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El Naturalista manufacturing footwear for men, women and children for more than 40 years.

It has production centers in two locations with a long history in leather goods and footwear manufacturing, such as La Rioja in Spain and Tangier in Morocco.

Some of the attributes of the El Naturalista brand are:

-Bamboo, bamboo offers greater breathability, absorption and natural antibacterial properties. It is flexible, fresh and hypoallergenic and gives your feet the rest they need. This material usually appears applied in the footwear of the collections with a green inner lining although in summer there are also canvas-type fabrics with good breathability and freshness.

-On Tex, they are perfect shoes, boots and ankle boots for wet areas or just for rainy days. The Waterproof onTex membrane is designed to be water-repellent and does not allow water to enter the footwear. The good thing is that although it is waterproof, it allows the water vapor to escape so that sweating is eliminated, providing us with great comfort.

- Soles of the Sea. Rubber soles with recycled mollusk shells have been included in the summer collection as an alternative to the disposal of shells.

- Double-sided, the cold will not be a problem with shoes that have a double-sided that consists of a natural waterproofed leather. Sheep provides a unique warm feeling that will give you comfort when walking.

- Premium Wool, extremely comfortable and warm footwear. High-quality wool is a resistant fabric that provides great warmth.

- Vegan, the 100 collection% Vegans is produced with materials of non-animal origin, imitating the appearance and texture of leather with the characteristics and benefits of high quality.

- Recycled Truck Tubes, A line of shoes made entirely from recycled truck tubes, looking tough and comfortable at the same time.

- Chrome Free Interior, Chromium is a chemical element, a hard and corrosion resistant transition metal. In the shoe industry it is often used in leather tanning. Chrome-free shoes do not use this material to avoid allergies to this compound. Its production is eco-sustainable.

- Removable insole, these insoles have an anatomical design that will help our feet walk with great comfort. These insoles allow us to replace them with our own orthopedic insoles.

- Nets, Following the line of sustainability and recycling, these soles include recycled fishing nets.

- Algae Textile.

- Stretched Leather Piece, these shoes are created with a single piece of leather to avoid wasting part of the product.

El Naturalista is one of the four companies analyzed by the ESADE business center for being an example of business innovation and sustainability worldwide.

Making El Naturalista shoes is a complex dance in which many people participate.

Each shoe is a puzzle of many pieces that are cut, sewn and assembled together with the greatest precision. At El Naturalista are committed to carrying out the processes manually, achieving very good finishes.

High quality raw materials are chosen and in all manufacturing processes artisan meticulousness is combined with innovation.

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