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The history of New Balance began in the early twentieth century in Cambridge, Massachusetts when William J. Riley, an immigrant English 33, decides to go to help people suffering from foot problems. It is then that creates arches support the instep and orthopedic shoes.

In 1934, Mr. Riley is associated with Arthur Hall, the best representative of arch supports; very fast, they find success through the police and others whose working day was spent walking.

In 1954, Arthur Hall sold the business to his daughter and son in law, Eleanor and Paul Kidd. The arch supports and orthopedic shoes remained the main sources of income of the company until 1961, began manufacturing the "Trackster" the world's first shoe made ​​with serrated sole and available in multiple widths. The "Trackster" soon became the shoe of choice for college coaches and fitness teachers.

During the 60's, New Balance's reputation as a manufacturer of innovative high-performance shoe available in multiple widths grew through word of mouth and field promotions.

When Jim Davis bought the company from the Kidds, the same day that the Boston Marathon was held 72, promised to increase the values ​​of the founding of the company consistent fit, performance and manufacturing.

When Anne Davis began her journey with New Balance in 1978, her focus became building a superior culture for NB associates and those who have business with the company around the globe.

Together, Anne and Jim Davis lead New Balance with fidelity on its mission of becoming the leader in manufacture of footwear and high performance.