Outdoor Shoes for Women

Women's Outdoor Shoes

It is a type of footwear for active and dynamic women who enjoy doing outdoor activities.

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Outdoor Water Repellent...
  • -€24.95

Outdoor Water Repellent Casual Boots for Women by Skechers 128206 Go Run Trail Altitude

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We love to enjoy nature, with these Skechers hiking boots we will be able to carry out both country excursions and urban activities when we are in the city.

They have a careful design with an attractive design that makes them very versatile boots. They combine great both with our mountain clothing and with jeans.

The Water Repellent treatment is a safety plus knowing that we will not get our feet wet even if we are surprised by the rain walking through the countryside or through the streets of our city.

Skechers Performance.

Skechers 158257 Selmen...
  • -€27.45

Skechers 158257 Selmen Waterproof Hiking Trekking Boots for Women

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We are going to enjoy our country or urban walks with these robust boots made with textile and synthetic materials from Skechers .

The design of these boots is intended to enjoy outdoor activities. It is a light and resistant sports shoe that is also waterproof so that the water does not scare us and we can safely enjoy our outdoor activities.

Enjoy your hiking trails with these nice boots on your feet. Its basic colors are easy to combine if you are one of those who likes to be combined in any situation.

Skechers .

Retro Casual Ankle Boots...
  • -€37.50

Retro Casual Ankle Boots with Laces for Women by Merrell Alpine Hiker J003594 and J003774 - BLACK

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These retro casual style ankle boots are made with synthetic materials that will guarantee great durability and easy cleaning to be able to have our boots like the first day for a long time.

Its closure system is fast since the laces are easily adjusted as the pins are wide and have good interior space.

Put them on and you'll see that you won't want to take them off throughout the entire fall-winter season.

We can find many styles and models ranging from open sandals to high hiking boots.

This type of footwear has to offer us great comfort, durability and strength to help us overcome the difficulties and obstacles that we can find when we are in the mountains.

Collections of women, have much in common with the male in terms of quality and preparation of materials. Here we find inner membranes Gore-Tex we will ensure waterproofing and high breathability of our footwear through waterproof water repellent treatments and reaching the flexibility and grip of the different types of soles to be one of the best known Vibram.

Where there are differences is really lasts, because here manufacturers have had a special attention to design and manufacture footwear that suits the female anatomy.

The open sandals with good grip are designed for quiet walks in good weather. They have a good sole that guarantees a good grip but are not recommended for use in closed forest.

Hiking boots, this is where we can find more models with different heights and different materials cane based on usage that we think give. Not the same one boot Gore-Tex for extreme use a breathable boots for casual use.

Multisport Shoes are shoes with a height of cane to the ankle usually made with breathable materials and flexible and resistant to long walks through the countryside soles.