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Mario Moretti Polegato founded the company in the nineties inspired after a walk in the Rocky Mountains of Reno, Nevada (USA), with rubber shoes that overheated feet. To alleviate resorted to pierce the soles with a knife and in doing so I find a simple and effective way to release excess heat from their shoes.

Encouraged by his revealing finding, Moretti began working on this idea in a small shoe workshop of his family in Montebelluna, I dondedesarrollo a new technology for rubber soles based on a simple physical principle: the beads of sweat are 15 times smaller than the water.

After finding the solution immediately patented it and thus created the first "breathable shoe".

Home production of its shoes in Italy, under the trademark Geox, combination of the word "GEO" (Greek for "earth") and the letter "X" (the letter / element symbolizing technology).

I start with making children, but in a few years Moretti improved its original patented technology and new developments that expanded its product range to shoes for adults and subsequently to the textile.

Between 2000 and 2003 it expanded internationally and in a few years inaugurated the Geox Shops, located in locations recognized as first purchase.

Currently claim investing 3% of their income on research

Investment in R + D + i is embodied in a spectacular huge workshop and laboratory trials where the protagonist is the zapatómetro: test equipment where new prototypes are tested and faithfully reproduces a person walking

But the success of this firm is not only based on a new patented technology. In such a fashion related industry and trends, do not neglect the aesthetics of their creations as well as useful and comfortable also attractive for their customers.

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