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The brand was born in 2007 by Rafael Medina, initially dedicated to the sale of elegant and exclusive suits to be able to attend impeccably dressed parties and events of category. Since its inception, clothing accessories have gone hand in hand in order to offer a complete service to all its customers.

The sale of suits, shirts and ties to be able to go out to parties, events, or high-level cocktails has also been added since the birth of the brand to the sale of slippers, which are slippers for walking around the house so that our feet can rest when we we find in our home. From... View more

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Over the years, Scalpers boosted its products looking for a male audience with shirts, vests and ties thought and designed to reach the entire public.

At first they were dedicated to local sales but over time they managed to cross the borders of Spain and today they are a benchmark brand internationally.

Since 2018 Scalpers has launched a line of men's clothing, accessories and footwear on the market and at the same time another similar line but looking for the female audience.

Currently, Scalpers has more than 200 points of sale around the world.

The brand evolves in the manufacture of garments that can be used daily, thus increasing the mass of potential customers.

Throughout its creation, each product has been made with a quality seal in order to please the most demanding customers. Each garment or footwear has to have a reasonable price with great quality and look good on the users.

The skull has become their hallmark and the possibilities it gives them when it comes to playing with their clothing designs is part of the secret to their success. The skull is masculine, and gives an air of rebellion and freshness that brings current attributes to the youngest garments.

The company's headquarters are located in the city of Seville in the south of Spain and from the beginning its best seller has been the men's shirt, its hallmark for its quality and wide variety of designs.

Internationally, the brand works very well in Paris and London and they are currently studying establishing themselves in new markets in order to expand their sales network.

Scalpers manufactures in several countries including Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Italy and also in Southeast Asia.

The design and aesthetic taste of the brand is indisputable, and has been one of the pillars of its success. The sizing presented by the brand is very careful and accurate.

In short, dress and wear shoes with a retro, preppy and cool air and be the center of attention.