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Camper Imagination Walks.Visionarios and pioneers. A family business that part of the tradition towards a dream. To change things, learn and share. The passion and commitment of a man as the foundation of today's success.

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In 1877, Antonio Fluxà, a shoemaker expert, set sail for England in order to learn new methods of industrial manufacture. Upon his return, he assembled the best leather craftsmen Inca (Mallorca) and showed them the first machines used to make shoes. A symbol of modernity, an innovative spirit that was transmitted to future generations, a revolutionary determination, a deep respect for the profession, quality products and, above all, functionality.

His son, Lorenzo Fluxà, born in a shoe factory. He inherited from his father both taste and enthusiasm for this simple object, always part of a pair, which keeps us in touch with the earth. He continued his father's tradition of quality and innovation pampering industrial manufacturing processes.

The historical and social changes occurring in Spain in the mid-1970s reflected a new attitude to life, new styles, new concepts and a new spirit of adventure were developed. With the solid backing of more than a century of tradition, Lorenzo Fluxà grandson Antonio, created Camper in 1975 with the idea of turning it into a brand whose concept reflect a new lifestyle, a new way of thinking, based on the freedom, comfort and creativity.

In 1981 the first Camper store in Barcelona, with whom he came into a new concept that revolutionized the world of shoe stores, with bold graphic elements and functional exposure opened unprecedented size. In 1992, it began its international expansion with the opening of branches in major European fashion capitals: London, Paris and Milan. Today, Camper is the oldest company in the sector in Spain and has also managed to maintain a steady growth for four generations.