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Pedro Miralles
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Pedro Miralles, began manufacturing footwear in 1953 along with relatives, but, years later in 1959, when born what is today the signing Pedro Miralles. Its beginnings were modest, but gradually begins to position themselves in the early 70s, the current factory is created, a model since the technology applied to footwear. Throughout the decade, is the golden age of the company, he worked in shifts, 24 hours a day, and all footwear production is concentrated in the domestic market.

In the 80s, Pedro Miralles son, joined the company, bringing fresh and new ideas, seen from another perspective. Make changes to the product involving a major restructuring, both technological and human. In 1992 the expansion begins overseas, focusing on the European market, establishing the firm internationally, opening new markets by the end of the decade in Japan and the Middle East.

In the late 90s, it becomes part of the team Amparo, youngest daughter of the founder of the firm. With her first communication strategies focused on brand implanted. Begins a new phase, in which season after season communication actions occur: development of corporate brand identity, advertising at point of sale, fashion press, television, cinema, theater ...

Also during the first decade of the century, continue to open new markets such as Australia, New Zealand, Central America or South Africa.

Currently the signature designs have achieved international recognition and are present in the 5 continents.

Among the collections of Pedro Miralles we can find different styles and concepts always thinking of a sophisticated woman who's like the world of fashion.
We can buy from their classic rubber boots that fit our legs like a glove with different patterns and colors, choosing either rounded edge or profiled.
If you prefer a traditional boots have designs ranging from the middle Carthusian boots high boots over the knee design and made with leather and quality materials.
In booties choose between designs with wedges or heels of different heights and widths, with innovative designs and comfortable
Within the world of shoes we will find the latest trends ranging from Oxford to the halls with the sharp tip.
Enjoy the quality and attention to detail of this innovative footwear brand.

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