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Sandals made with soft, high-quality leather and BIO insoles so that we can walk on a cloud 24 hours a day.

Its timeless design that never goes out of style combines phenomenally with almost any type of summer look that we can think of every day. They combine great both with long pants and with shorts or skirts.

We will be able to enjoy its summery and fresh design. We will use them on weekdays to go to work and also in our free time.

We will have a quick and easy fit since since we do not have a heel we can use them as a clog

Okios Bioshoes.

Open Shoes or Bio Flat Sandals for Women Okios Bioshoes 265 Nido-008.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Height of the wedge in the heel of 2 centimeters.

Height of the sole in the toe of 2 centimeters.

Closure and fastening system by means of adjustable metal buckles.

These open toe and heel shoes are made with natural skins so that we can enjoy excellent breathability.

This shoe with the BIO insole will adapt perfectly to our feet so that we can walk comfortably enjoying long walks on hot summer days.

The fit of these sandals is easy and we will have an excellent support helped by three straps with three metal buckles of medium size. The buckles are arranged as follows, they pass with the three strips from the beginning of our fingers to the last strip at the height of our instep.

As it does not have a heel cup, this shoe has a very quick and easy fit.

The toe is rounded and has a good inner last so that our feet are not cramped and we can enjoy its comfort.

The current, casual and casual design of these BIO sandals is ideal so that we can combine them with different types of looks, we are going to wear them with jeans, chinos or skirts. This shoe will easily adapt to the style we want to wear.

Since the buckles they have are adjustable, we will have the advantage that in the event that our feet expand due to high temperatures or because we have been walking for many hours with a simple gesture we can adjust the buckles to a different size and this way we will avoid uncomfortable chafing.

The BIO insole is padded to provide comfort with each step. This padding will also help us protect our joints and our back from the impacts that occur when we walk with each step.

The midsole or midsole is made of cork, which is a lightweight material that will provide us with excellent cushioning when walking.

The outsole is made with synthetic materials that are light, flexible and have excellent grip. We will walk safely helped by the pattern of the sole that gives us excellent support on the different types of surfaces that we can find walking through our cities, towns or beaches.

Okios Bioshoes for Calzados Vesga .

Made in Spain.

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