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Women's Heeled Ankle Boots by Alpe Woman Shoes 2655-11

REF: 20400649-40-SERRAJE GRIS
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Every day there is less until September, the starting gun to be able to start using the loot in our city. Ankle boots are very practical footwear since with their easy fit and their beautiful design we will be able to use them 7 days a week.

The crepe-like outsole is flexible, weighs little, and will allow us to walk safely and prevent slipping that can occur when we walk around the city.

Alpe Woman.

With these high-top shoes or casual-style urban ankle boots made with split leather that are very soft and flexible, you will be able to stay comfortable and stylish all day long. The heel has a wide base that will allow us to use this shoe both on weekdays and on weekends in our free time.

This shoe is very practical and versatile, with its medium-high heel we can wear attractive and flattering looks. Since they have a good base to support our weight, they are also comfortable and we can use them for many hours consecutively.

Its toecap has a good inner last so that our feet are comfortable inside, avoiding chafing that can occur when we walk with shoes with a narrow last or one that is too small for us.

The fit of this shoe is very quick and easy, helped by the two wide elastics that these boots have on both sides of the cane. With these elastics we will be able to walk safely since we will have our feet securely fastened.

Its medium-height heel with a good base will stylize our figure to be able to wear modern, attractive and comfortable looks at the same time.

To facilitate the fit and that we can easily put on and take off these shoes, they have a heel puller at the end of the shaft.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Heel height of 7 centimeters.

Height of the sole in the toe box of 1.5 centimeters.

Cane height of 13 centimeters.

Ankle contour of 27 centimeters.

Closure and fastening system by means of two wide elastics.

Padded interior insole that will help us walk comfortably for long periods of time, providing great cushioning with each step we take. This padding and the midsole with material similar to crepe will help us protect our joints from the impacts that occur when we walk.

Synthetic, flexible outsole with a rough pattern will give us a good grip on the different types of floors that we can find.

In order for us to keep our Alpe shoes for a long time, we can follow these recommendations:

- Avoid moisture and use in rain or snow for a long time.

- If the footwear is wet, it should be dried at room temperature, away from artificial heat sources.

- The use of polishing products is not recommended. Use only products suitable for the type of skin.

- Leather or patent leather footwear should be cleaned with a damp cloth, allowed to dry and polished with a soft cloth using colorless waxes or creams.

- Suede footwear must be cleaned with special sponges and then apply a specific spray for suede (neither shoe polish nor cream).

- Remember that the interior leather linings can fade or become discolored due to friction and perspiration.

- Depending on the design of the shoe, you may have to use a different size than the one you usually wear. Make sure that the fit of the shoe is correct and does not cause discomfort and use another size if necessary.

If you are not happy with your Alpe footwear, the claims cannot refer to:

- The natural wear of footwear such as worn heels, worn leather soles.

- Damages due to improper use or exposure to water.

- Differences in the leather since, being the leather a natural material, it may present some difference in tone or texture, which guarantees its authenticity.

- Discoloration of the interior of shoes made with natural leather linings due to sweating or intense humidity.

Made in Spain.

Heel Height:
20400649-40-SERRAJE GRIS
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