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      • Nordikas Wash Bama 7531, slippers at home for man made textile materials. Thisshoe is ready for washing machine. The internal template that is padded isremovable. This footwear is ergonomic and absorbs the impacts that occur whenwalking so we are comfortable. They have no heel and are breathable and light.Rubber outer sole

        35,00€ 49,00€

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      • Nordikas Top Line Slippers 2211 Ohio for Men  Slippers was very comfortable and warm home. They have two elastic on the sides of our instep for easy fit. The sole is lightweight and flexible and the inner lining is made ​​with high quality materials.

        40,00€ 67,00€

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      • Nordikas Wash Cab 4720 Man Slippers  Shoes to be home with the padded footbed and lovely design These shoes are warm and comfortable and will make you be comfortable in any place where the use Removable insole Nordikas The Best Place To Go

        32,95€ 45,00€

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      • Nordikas Top Line Ohio 188 Men Slippers  Shoes to be home with open heel Pala smooth and good shape Flexible and comfortable sole Nordikas Worldwide Homes Official Footwear

        45,00€ 59,00€

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      • Nordikas Top Line Cab 132 Men Slippers Anti-slip sole As closed shoes with elastic fastening system and bears the logo on the upper trim a new material unique in its ability to absorb and dispense these impacts. Instantaneously recover for the next step

        55,00€ 67,00€

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