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  • Fendior Bag F&D Q051 Its measures are as follows:Height of 23 cmWidth of 42 cm18 cm backgroundBag of medium / high size that can be taken by hand gripping or hanging on shoulder bag over shoulderSystem of closure by means of a rack. Numerous compartments insideFendior

    24,00 € 39,95 €

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  • Fendior Bag F&D Q072 Height of 18 cmWidth of 27 cmFonde of 5 cmSmall handbags shoulder bag to wear on the shoulder, fringed ornament on the front. Zippered rear closureMagnetic closure systemInternal zipFendior

    15,00 € 24,95 €

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  • Fendior F&D Q092 Its measures are:Height of 20 cmWidth of 27 cmFonde of 7 cmSmall bag shoulder bag to carry on the shoulderMagnetic closure systemInternal zipFendior

    14,50 € 23,95 €

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  • F & D Fendior P16330Bag Womens style shoulder bags crossIts measurements are:28 cm highWidth 28 cmBottom of 10 cmBeautiful bag with flap and magnet and zipper closureF & D Fendior

    27,95 €

  • F & D Fendior P16160Bag Womens style shoulder bag double zipperIts measurements are:17 cm highWidth 24 cmBackground of 6 cmBag of small size that can be hung conveniently from the shoulderUsing a magnet on the flap and then through a zipper closure systemF & D Fendior

    23,95 €

  • F & D Fendior P16021Bag for women with square design. It mimics the snake finish following the latest trendsIts measurements are:30 cm highWidth of 34 cmBottom of 12 cmLarge carrying bag is inside another smaller bag that can be used separatelyF & D Fendior

    47,95 €

  • F & D Fendior M230Bag woman shoulder bag style print flowersIts measurements are:28 cm highWidth 28 cmBottom of 11 cmBag of medium size with a beautiful drawing, colorful to make it easy to combineThe Strip can be adjusted and its closure system is a zipper. You have bags inside toorganize our stuffF & D Fendior

    29,95 €

  • F & D Fendior P16350Bag Womens style bag with punchedIts measurements are:27 cm highWidth 30 cmBottom of 14 cmBag of a medium size with two handles for carrying hand or armThrough a central zipper closure system, has several internal compartmentsIt has a compartment in the back with zip closureF & D Fendior

    41,95 €

  • F & D Fendior 16100Design curve patent leather Womens BagIts measurements are:Height: 27 cmWidth: 36 cmBackground: 15 cmBeautiful and practical bag. We can take it hung hand or shoulder. It has a strip thatyou can place or removeThis is a medium-large size bag and inside has another small bag that can be used independentlyF & D Fendior

    43,50 €

  • F & D Fendior P16181Bag for woman with bucket lid perforated designIts measurements areHigh ofWidth ofBackground ofBag with zippers in the front and on the top concealed magnetic closure system. Forsafety it has a top zipper.It features compartments on the inside and a compartment in the back with zip closureF & D Fendior

    27,50 €

  • F & D Fendior P16231Cube last ringsIts measurements are:26 cm highWidth 27 cmBottom of 15 cmUrban bags with a central zipperIt has a bag with zipper in the backDifferent interior compartments in order to have our things neatF & D Fendior

    31,95 €

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F & D is a company that manufactures and sells handbags and accessories for women with elegant or casual style but with the personality and like to follow the latest fashion trends set.

To meet the needs of their clients are based on the following points:

Design, are aware of the latest international trends to reconcile with their own creativity and get full dynamic collections

Quality, feature a 13,000 m2 factory where they produce under the supervision of qualified personnel all collections

Competitiveness, get bags to offer competitive prices, aseguibles any pocket.

Order by phone +34 947 261 673