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Martinelli Pacific Men's Leather Moccasin Shoes 1411-2496X

REF: 11200244-43-SERRAJE CAMEL
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We have seen this shoe in a multitude of movies since its design is very versatile and will allow us to use it with different looks 7 days a week.

Women's moccasins made with soft and flexible leather have always been versatile and practical spring footwear, since we can use them every day of the week.

These shoes have a manufacturing called Kiowa that consists of an artisan sewing process where the skin wraps our feet.

If what you are looking for is comfortable shoes for every day, try these shoes and you will fall in love with them.

Made in Spain.

Martinelli Elegance and comfort on our feet.

Martinelli Pacific 1411-2496X Casual Leather Loafer Shoes for Men.

Moccasin-style casual shoes are a classic that all men have to have in our closet because they are a basic that we will be able to use with a multitude of looks thanks to their versatility.

This particular model with its low heel is ideal for us to use daily when we go to work and we are always in a hurry or to enjoy our free time when we can take a quiet walk with our family and friends.

These shoes are perfect to use in the spring-summer season as they have excellent breathability and are fresh and current style footwear. Martinelli has managed to adapt a classic model to the fashion that runs through our streets today.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Heel height of 1 centimeters.

Cane height at the ankle of 4 centimeters.

Closure and fastening system through the upper that this shoe has on our instep.

These pretty shoes with an eminently masculine cut have a decorative mask on the strip that crosses our instep. A subtle touch that gives them a different and chic touch that is always flattering.

The toe of these moccasins has a rounded shape, thereby ensuring that our feet can enjoy their interior space to avoid chafing that can occur when there is not enough space inside the shoes and rubbing against the skin of the shoe.

This shoe has an inner insole that is removable so that we can clean it or change it to anatomical insoles if we need it. These insoles are thick and padded to offer cushioning when walking, helping our joints suffer less from the impacts that occur with each step we take when we are walking.

The outsole is made with synthetic materials that are light, flexible and that will also provide us with excellent grip on the different types of surfaces that we can find walking through our cities or towns.

Made in Spain.

Martinelli Since 1973.

Heel Height:
11200244-43-SERRAJE CAMEL
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