Pikolinos USC-C03 Self-Shine Cleaning Cream

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Pikolinos USC-C03 Self-Shine Cleaning Cream, if you like to keep your shoes as the first day, this cream will be your perfect ally so that your shoes look like the first day after wearing them for a while. Being made with the same pigments with which Pikolinos shoes are made, it is possible to keep the same color tone for longer.

Pikolinos USC-C03 Self-Shine Cleaning Cream

50 ml bottle capacity. 1.7Fl. oz

Nourishes, cleans and polishes without rubbing

This cream made with the best materials for the conservation of our footwear gives the skin of our footwear flexibility and protects it from signs of wear so that it looks like the first day for a long time.

This cream manages to revive the colors of our footwear without the need to re-dye the skin.

Choose the most appropriate color tone, when in doubt use the neutral / colorless cream. Do not use on leathers with an oiled, nubuck or split effect. Spread with the help of the applicator sponge or with a cotton cloth. It is important to apply a small amount to avoid the progressive accumulation of product.

Cream made with the same pigments used in the Pikolinos footwear and bag collections. Nourishes, cleans and polishes without rubbing.

How to use: Clean the surface of the shoe with a damp chamois and apply the cream.

Chromium-free and water-based special cream.

Composition: Water (51%) emulsion of synthetic waxes (30%), acrylic resin (7%), casein (4%), methoxypropanol (7%), coloring (1%)

DO NOT EAT. Keep out of reach of children. In the event of an accident, consult the medical service for toxicological information. Tel +34 915 620 420

Made in Spain


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