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Leather Wedge Sandals for Women by Igi&Co 16665

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Casual sandals made with a mixture of smooth and embossed leathers that gives them a chic, innovative and attractive touch.

This casual court shoe has a mid-height wedge with less than 6 centimeters in height. This wedge will allow us to use these sandals both for our day-to-day life and for the weekends if we have to attend an event or celebration elegantly dressed.

Light and attractive sandals.

Made in Italy

Open Shoes Igi&Co 16665 Wedge Sandals made with Skins for Women.

Urban and casual style sandals perfect for any occasion.

Its main characteristics are the following:

1666533 Camel colour.

1666511 color White.

Height of the wedge in the heel of 5.5 centimeters.

Height of the sole in the toe box of 2.5 centimeters.

Velcro closure and fastening system.

This shoe has two leather straps with an adjustable velcro closure. One of the strips surrounds our ankle and fits on the outer side of the foot and the other strip passes over the end of our fingers and fits on the part of our instep. With these two closures and another strip that we wear on our fingers, these beautiful sandals offer us not only a beautiful design but also excellent support for our feet so that we can walk safely and comfortably.

Padded insole to absorb our body weight and provide cushioning that protects our joints from the impacts that occur when we walk.

The midsole or midsole will also add cushioning, in short, this shoe is beautiful and comfortable in equal measure.

Synthetic outsole that is light and will offer us excellent grip on the different types of surfaces that we can find when we walk through our cities or towns.

So that we can keep these sandals like the first day, the manufacturer gives us these recommendations:

Use a damp cloth and some Marseille soap. For stains, use a small wire bristle brush or a piece of India rubber. Leave the shoes outside until they are completely dry, keeping them out of direct sunlight, which causes them to fade, and out of heaters and blow dryers, which can wrinkle them and make them lose flexibility. Avoid washing them in the washing machine, because the water risks removing the glue between the components of the shoes and deforming them.

Igi&Co Sportiva Inside.

Made in Italy.

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