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Callaghan Men's Water Adapt Leather Casual Loafers 48801 Chuck Water

REF: 10100213-43-MARRON
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Men's footwear with a modern cut. These slip-on shoes or moccasins with elastics made with elastics are very versatile and practical since we can walk with them comfortably for hours.

The great added value that these beautiful moccasin or slip-on shoes are going to give us is that they have an internal membrane called Water Adapt that is going to guarantee the impermeability and breathability of the footwear in the rain so that we can safely use them throughout the campaign. Autumn Winter.

Made in Spain.

These casual style urban shoes made with soft leathers are ideal to be able to enjoy their comfort 7 days a week, they adapt to our most informal looks but we can also use them with a more elegant and dressed look.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Wedge height at the heel of 3 centimeters.

Height of the cane of 5 centimeters.

Closing and fastening system by means of two elastic bands on both sides of our feet.

The toe is round with a good interior space so that our feet are comfortable.

The mouth/neck or collar of these ankle boots is padded to make them more comfortable and avoid uncomfortable chafing.

The Water Adapt inner lining will guarantee the impermeability and good breathability of these urban boots.

They are very light since the outsole is made with XL Extralight materials that are weightless and with which we are going to get us to walk with a feather on our feet.

Padded inner insole to absorb our body weight and walk comfortably for many hours.

Synthetic, flexible outsole with Callaghan's Adaptaction system that adapts to the foot.

Made in Spain.

The properties of the Callaghan Adaptaction sole are the following:

The human foot is a complex structure and when walking, it increases its width between 5 and 8 mm. Conventional footwear causes friction and discomfort because it is not prepared for this increase in size.

Patented Adaptaction technology, Callaghan Adaptaction technology reproduces the movements of the foot when walking and adapts to each type of foot and its increase in width. Callaghan Adaptaction adapts to your feet, adapts to you.

Leather product made by hand in Spain, Callaghan shoes are made in Spain by skilled craftsmen. The use of natural leathers of the highest quality and the latest technologies combine design and comfort in each pair of shoes.

Callaghan Adaptaction , Adapts to the foot.

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