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Timberland Boot Care Kit TB0A2JWV000

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With this practical Kit of Products for the care of our footwear we can travel with the peace of mind of taking everything we need to keep our leather, suede or nubuck items protected.

This Kit can be used in our footwear.

Timberland .

We are going to enjoy the versatility of this Kit of products that includes everything necessary to clean, condition and protect our boots against inclement weather and against dirt.

Inside this Kit we will find a practical brush with a handle, a cloth made with a textile material ideal for polishing our shoes and three products in three independent containers that are essential to care for our Timberland boots: cleaning foam, shoe conditioner and protector Balm Proofer against water and stains.

This Kit comes in a practical reinforced cardboard box with a nice drawing on the outside. We can carry this box in our suitcase or bag when we travel. This box will also allow us to keep our cleaning products for our boots perfectly organized and classified so that when it comes time to clean our boots we have all the products in the same place and stored in the same place.

Each of the 3 jars has a capacity of 59 milliliters or 2 fl oz. More than enough size to keep our boots shiny for a long time.

The main characteristics of these products are the following:

-Brush, with this practical brush with a wooden handle we will be able to remove the biggest dirt from our shoes with ease.

- Cloth, it is soft and has a perfect roughness so that we can polish our boots once we have used any of the other products with them.

- Balm Proofer: This protector returns to footwear, clothing and accessories their ability to resist water and protects them from stains. It extends the useful life of almost all our footwear without affecting the breathability of the material. It can be used on cotton, suede, leather, canvas, nylon, nubuck, polyester and other fabrics against water and stains. It is ideal for use on all types of footwear, clothing and accessories except those marked "dry clean only".

- BootCleaner: Helps remove stubborn dirt and stains from your favorite boots, so you can keep them looking good for longer.

Directions: Apply cleaner to a brush or cloth. Rub in circular motions covering the entire area. Wipe area thoroughly and evenly with a dry cloth after cleaning to remove excess dirt and moisture. Let dry before using. Always test in an area hidden from view first.

- Boot Conditioner: Our secret is available to everyone with this product we will be able to keep our boots looking fresh. This conditioner helps to restore, revive the color and protect our footwear.

Directions: Make sure the boot is clean and dry before applying this product. Pour the product directly onto a cloth or sponge. Rub thoroughly evenly and in a circular manner. Allow the boot to dry completely. Use a brush to help revive the freshness of the color. Always test in a hidden area. For additional protection treat with water and stain repellent Balm Proofer after each cleaning.


If swallowed, consult your doctor immediately.

If there is contact with our eyes or irritation on our skin, we must rinse with plenty of fresh water and then consult our doctor.

For more information on ingredients visit www.timberland.com or call 888-802-9947.


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