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Shoes Woman Lace Callaghan Adaptaction 13441 Freestyle

REF: 20200413-40-CHAROL NEGRO
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Lace-up shoes have always been with us because they are a style of footwear that is easy to combine and very comfortable.

By having the blade raised, its fit and its support are excellent.

This Callaghan model is made of lightweight materials so that we can walk for many hours without noticing the weight of the shoes.

Made in Spain.

Casual and urban style shoes for women made with top quality leather that is soft and flexible so that it easily adapts to the shape of our feet.

We love the design of these shoes with their metallic details on the upper that gives them a different and chic touch.

Its main characteristics are the following:

4 centimeter heel height

Height of the sole in the toe of 2 centimeters.

Cane height at the ankle of 3 centimeters.

Closure and fastening system by means of laces on our instep.

These shoes have two metal loops through which to adjust the laces. The laces are fine, have a round shape and are made with textile materials that are resistant to the pulling that we are going to subject them to when we adjust this shoe to the shape and width of our feet.

These shoes have an inner lining that is made with a breathable technical fabric that is also antibacterial and anti-odour, endowed with mint-scented microcapsules. That way when we take these shoes off the room won't stink.

This shoe has a toe box with a good inner last so that the toes of our feet can have enough space to be comfortable and thus be able to avoid uncomfortable chafing that occurs when using shoes with a narrow last or that are made with hard materials. .

The inner insole is padded and is also removable so that we can easily change it. This is very useful when we want to wash the insole after its continued use during a campaign or when we have to change it for an anatomical insole due to the characteristics of our feet.

Its outer sole is made with synthetic materials. These materials are XL Extralight, which is an extremely light material that will give us excellent flexibility. These materials provide us with excellent cushioning that will help us protect our joints and knees from the impacts that occur when we walk.

The characteristics of the Callaghan Adaptaction sole are the following:

The human foot is a complex structure and when walking, it increases its width between 5 and 8 millimeters. Conventional footwear causes friction and discomfort because it is not prepared for this increase in size.

The patented Adaptaction technology reproduces the movements of the foot when walking and adapts to each type of foot and its increase in width. Callaghan Adaptaction adapts to your feet, it adapts to you.

Leather product made by hand in Spain, Callaghan shoes are made by expert craftsmen. The use of top quality natural leather and the latest technologies combine design and comfort in each pair of shoes.

Made in Spain.

Heel Height:
20200413-40-CHAROL NEGRO
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