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Espadrilles Esparto Valencian Sandals for Women by Salvi 106-002

REF: 21900067-40-CRUDO Y AZUL
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Valencian style espadrilles sandals made with textile materials with good breathability. These espadrilles are perfect to enjoy the summer season. They have a very pampered and careful design that will allow us to wear summer looks with an informal and urban air. The ties that surround our ankle greatly stylize our legs and give us a good support.

Espadrilles Shoes Valencian Esparto Sandals for Women by Salvi Calzados 106-002.

Open women's shoes so that we can enjoy the good weather made with textile materials that will provide us with excellent breathability.

These espadrilles have an original and attractive urban design that follows the latest fashion trends so that we can wear them with our informal looks and outfits.

They have a flattering design with the mouth with several strips in contrasting color that always makes our feet more attractive to the eye.

This shoe has straps on the heel that we can use around our ankle so that we have excellent support and at the same time its design is attractive to the eye.

These bows will stylize our legs.

They are very light espadrilles, they weigh so little that we will not notice that we are wearing them on our feet. You have the feeling of walking barefoot.

The esparto or jute of the midsole adds comfort to our footprint while providing us with good stability.

The esparto grass or jute is a natural insulator that will protect our feet from the heat during the summer season and at the same time it will protect us from low temperatures when autumn begins. Being a material with good transpiration it will prevent the appearance of excess sweat from our feet.

Another very favorable point that esparto grass or jute has is that it prevents the appearance of bad odors through its vegetable composition. If we add to this the therapeutic effects that it provides us by promoting better circulatory irrigation of our feet and legs, they become a great choice when selecting footwear to use on the hottest days of summer.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Height of the wedge in the heel of 7 centimeters.

Height of the front platform of 2 centimeters.

The profiled toe has a good inner last so that our feet can enjoy their space with comfort. This toecap will help us protect our fingers from bumps and scratches that can occur when we walk.

The interior insole is padded so that it cushions us with each step.

Synthetic, flexible outsole with good grip on the different types of floors that we can find walking through our cities or towns.

Made in Spain.

Salvi Shoes 101% Artisan Manufacture in Jute.

Heel Height:
21900067-40-CRUDO Y AZUL
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