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Pack of 8 Timberland Shoe Cleaning Wipes TB0A2JTQ000

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When we go on a trip or simply because we don't like spending a lot of time cleaning our sneakers, these small-sized towels will allow us to clean our favorite sneakers in a short space of time.

They are easily transportable and their use is tremendously easy so that anyone can use them by reading the warning lines on the back of each bag.

Enjoy your free time with the help of these practical towels to keep our shoes impeccable.

Timberland .

Small-sized towels specially designed and manufactured so that we can clean our shoes or shoes easily and without wasting valuable time.

With these cleaning towels that have received a treatment and are disposable, we will be able to remove the dirt that accumulates in our sports shoes after prolonged use. We will be able to transport these towels easily on all our trips. As they come in individualized packages, we will only have to carry one of them in our suitcase and we will be sure that we will be able to keep our sneakers as shiny as the first day we bought them.

Timberland has invested time in the design of these towels and after much study they have decided that the best configuration to keep our sports shoes clean is for one side of these towels to be smooth so that we can clean the surface of our footwear in general as a first step and the other side is textured so that we can remove the most difficult stains or marks that appear on our sports shoes when we use them normally.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Individual and disposable bags.

In each package we will be able to enjoy 8 individually packaged towels.

These towels have a perfect size so that we can handle them safely with one hand, with the other hand we can keep our shoes firmly attached.

These towels are not suitable or recommended for cleaning suede or split leather.

With these wipes we will be able to clean sports shoes in a simple, clean and fast way.

In order to use these towels efficiently we will have to follow these steps:

We will have to use the smooth side to clean the dirt and the textured side to clean the most difficult stains. It is recommended that we be careful with fine and delicate materials.

Not suitable for suede or split leather.

It is highly recommended that we test this product in a concealed area before proceeding to clean the sneakers in their entirety.

One of the fastest ways to clean your shoe. Just open a pre-treated wipe and, well, wipe it off.


- We will have to wash our hands after using these towels.

- We will avoid contact with our eyes. In the event that contact with our eyes occurs, we must rinse well with plenty of water.


Timberland Make it Better.

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