Nordikas Men's House Slippers 1830 Boreal Cab

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Look at what beautiful closed house slippers Nordikas has developed so that we can enjoy their comfort in our homes and keep our feet warm.

With the arrival of autumn we enjoy our homes more and with these practical closed slippers from Nordikas we will keep our feet warm and we will be able to let our feet rest after long working days.

These Slippers, with their soft inner fabric and non-slip sole, are going to become our best allies when it comes to getting home, disconnecting and being able to have our feet with a pleasant temperature.

Made in Spain.

Shoes to walk around the house. These closed house slippers for women made with warm and soft textile materials.

We will be looking forward to getting home to be able to take off our shoes and we can enjoy the comfort of these original slippers or slippers.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Nordikas Boreal Cab 1830 Tirol Marino, color Marino

Height of the wedge in the heel of 2.5 centimeters.

Height of the sole in the toe box of 1.5 centimeters.

Cane height at the ankle of 4.5 centimeters.

The mouth/neck or collar is padded to transmit greater comfort.

Closed shoes with a good support by means of a raised shovel on our instep.

This shoe is very comfortable, light and will provide excellent breathability.

The ergonomic design makes every step we take a little pleasure.

The outer sole is made of rubber, which is a synthetic material that absorbs the impacts that occur when we walk. It is very light, flexible and will provide us with excellent grip so that we can walk safely and not slip when walking around our houses.

All Nordikas footwear is made following strict quality controls so that when they reach our feet they are comfortable, warm and perfect for us to be comfortable with them on our feet.

They are made in Spain by great professionals.

Nordikas the best place in the world.

So that we can keep our shoes as beautiful as the first day for years, the manufacturer recommends that we follow these simple steps:

- The models can get wet, but it is not recommended to wash them in the washing machine or let them dry in direct sunlight.

- To clean the suede models, you have to gently pass a sandpaper or brush with fine bristles and then wash them with mild soap and cold water.

- To clean the leather models, wipe them with a damp cloth and let them dry, then spread them with a colorless cream that is rich in waxes. Allow to dry and rub with a dry cloth to polish and achieve an attractive shade.

- To clean the fabric models, they must be washed by hand, with mild detergents and cold water.

- To clean the interior linings, rub gently with a sponge moistened with mild detergents and cold water.

Nordikas , Welcome Home, Welcome to Comfort.

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