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Nordikas Men's House Slippers 1821 Nix Cab

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As of September the temperatures drop and the time has come when we can enjoy the comfort of these Men's House Slippers in our homes, these slippers with an open heel and clogs adapt to different types of feet and are warm and soft .

They are light shoes with good grip and when walking with them we will have a great feeling of comfort. The upper on our instep has good support and the V-shaped opening will allow them to easily adapt to different foot widths.

The fit is quick and easy. Made in Spain

Shoes without heels to be able to stay at home comfortable and with warm feet, even on the coldest days of winter, helped by its shearling textile lining, which is a warm and soft material.

These slippers without a heel have a very quick fit so that we can use them when we enter the door of our house and we want to relax.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Heel height of 2 centimeters, the sum of the inner insole and the outer sole.

Biased toe with good inner shape. The interior is warm and soft and the toe is reinforced to protect our feet from those uncomfortable blows against the furniture in our home.

These shoes have the following characteristics:

They are light, they weigh almost nothing.

The midsole, the outer sole and the insole absorb the impacts that occur when walking, thus avoiding damage to the knees and joints.

They are breathable so that we have an optimal temperature in our feet.

They are soft to the touch.

The design is ergonomic so that our feet are comfortable.

The outsole is flexible and has a good grip.

made 100% in Spain.

How to care for our Nordikas shoes:

To keep our shoes like the first day for a long time. The shoes can get wet, but it is not advisable to subject them to the aggressive action of washing machines, nor is it advisable to leave them under the direct action of the sun.

To take care of the models made of suede, you must gently pass a sandpaper or brush that has the finest and most rigid bristles possible, then if possible wash them with mild soap and cold water.

For leather models, clean with a slightly damp cloth and allow to dry, then coat with colorless cream. Let the cream process dry and then rub gently with a dry cloth.

For fabric models, it is recommended to wash them by hand with mild detergents and cold water.

The interior linings must be gently rubbed with a sponge moistened with mild detergents and cold water.

Nordikas The Best Place in the World.

Heel Height:
10900066-42-MARINO Y MOSTAZA
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