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Men's Leather Shoes by Callaghan Adaptaction 42807 Mazi

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These beautiful urban-style casual sneakers are a classic in the autumn seasons. They have a design that never goes out of style and they combine phenomenally with our favorite clothes.

Try them with your jeans or with your dockers of different colors. We can wear attractive and different looks 7 days a week.

As they are so light and comfortable, we can use them to take long walks in our free time or to walk to work on weekdays.

Made in Spain.

Urban and Casual style Sports Shoes for Men made with high quality leathers to achieve high quality footwear and excellent benefits.

This men's shoe is made with a mixture of top quality leathers and resistance on the outside so that we have highly durable shoes. These skins are combined with a soft lining made with technical textile materials that are breathable, antibacterial and anti-odour. This well-conceived mix makes these tennis shoes a great option to enjoy your comfort in the spring-summer season.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Height of the wedge in the heel of 3 centimeters.

Height of the sole in the toe of 2 centimeters.

Cane height at the ankle of 3.5 centimeters.

Closure and fastening system using elastic cords.

This men's shoe has a central lace-up formed by 3 eyelets to pass the laces through. These shoelaces have a standard size, a flat shape, are one color and are made with textile materials that are resistant to the pulls that we will be able to subject them to when we put these shoes on. These shoes are elastic, so we will gain a lot in speed and safety.

Its toecap has a round shape with a spacious inner last so that our feet can comfortably dispose of their space and we can avoid uncomfortable chafing that can occur when wearing narrow last shoes.

The mouth/neck or collar and the tongue of these sports shoes have padding that will transmit comfort and softness to our ankles.

Its inner insole is removable and is padded so that it provides cushioning when we use them.

The midsole or midsole is made with Adaptlite materials that have a minimum weight. These XL Extralight materials are a material with very little weight. This material is extremely light and flexible, so we will have excellent cushioning in each step when walking.

The Adaptaction sole has the following characteristics:

The human foot is a complex structure and when walking, it increases its width between 5 and 8 millimeters. Conventional footwear causes friction and discomfort because it is not prepared for this increase in size.

The patented Adaptaction technology reproduces the movements of the foot when walking and adapts to each type of foot and its increase in width. Callaghan Adaptaction adapts to your feet, it adapts to you.

These shoes are a leather product made by hand in Spain by expert craftsmen. The use of top quality natural leather and the latest technologies combine design and comfort in each pair of shoes.

Callaghan Adaptaction Adapt to the Foot.

Heel Height:
10500222-41-NOBUCK ARENA
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