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Leather Sandals with Heel and Platform for Women by Wonders F-5880-P

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Sandals for women made with top quality leather so that we can enjoy its great comfort and style on our feet.

This feminine cut footwear will allow us to wear attractive looks both to go to work every day and to enjoy our free time attending events.

They are light and comfortable sandals. Put them on and you will no longer want to take them off your feet.

Made in Spain.

Wonders F-5880-P Pergamena Off sandals, White color.

These open shoes with which our feet will be able to enjoy the freshness when walking are very attractive. Sandals always brighten our day as we associate them with the arrival of good weather and enjoying outdoor activities.

The strip with laser drawing on our instep is attractive and gives us extra security so that we can walk safely.

They have a heel with a medium high height of less than 8 centimeters. It is an ideal height so that we can combine them with our favorite clothes, wearing attractive outfits on a daily basis.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Heel height of 7 centimeters.

Height of the front platform of 2.5 centimeters.

16 centimeter heel contour.

Closure and fastening system by means of an adjustable metal buckle.

The interior insole is padded with the Memory Gel system that will help us enjoy the comfort of these shoes by cushioning each step we take with these sandals, protecting our joints from the impacts that occur when we walk.

The bracelet that surrounds our ankle is comfortable and will allow us to use this shoe even if our ankles or feet dilate on the hottest days of summer. As the main strip has several holes we will always be able to use the one that offers us a good hold and at the same time does not hurt us.

The midsole of this women's footwear is made with PU polyurethane that has volume and is very light at the same time so that we can take long walks without noticing the weight of the sandals on our feet.

The outsole is made with synthetic materials that are light and will provide us with excellent grip so that we can walk safely and avoid uncomfortable slipping in our cities or towns.

Made in Spain.

Wonders Made With Love in Spain.

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