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Home Slippers without Heel Slippers for Men by Nordikas Top Line Cab 236

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Shoes to enjoy at home without a heel or with an open heel for men made with the latest generation textile materials. This home footwear has an anti-slip sole so that we can walk safely around our home. Open sneakers that bear the anagram of the Nordikas brand on the decorative vamp. In the sole it has a new unique material for its ability to absorb and dispense the impacts that occur when we walk, recovering instantly for the next step.

Open shoes without heel so that we are comfortable in our house. These sneakers are a model of the Autumn-Winter collection.

We are going to have an easy and fast fit, since we do not have a heel, we only have to push our feet and we will be able to enjoy its warmth and comfort.

This model is perfect if we are cold and we don't like our feet to stay cold at home. The textile lining will provide us with a good temperature so that we are comfortable with them on and do not feel the low temperatures.

The rubber outsole is light, flexible and has a good grip on the different types of floors that we can find in our house.

These shoes are ergonomic and will allow us to enjoy their great comfort and warmth when we use them in our home.

The toe of these beautiful slippers is round with a good and wide inner last so that we can enjoy them for many hours.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Wedge height at the heel of 2 centimeters.

The high shovel of this shoe will provide us with good support.

Non-slip outsole

When walking, each step is a sharp blow that multiplies our weight and affects our feet, knees, lower back and back. Nordikas includes in the manufacture of its rest footwear, the new anti-shock pads PORON 4000, a new unique material for its ability to absorb and dispense these impacts. Instantly recovering for the next step.

The Nordikas philosophy is to offer us the highest quality and comfort inside and outside our home.

Made in Spain

Some tips that will help us to take care of our Nordikas Shoes and that will help us keep these shoes looking like new for longer.

Slippers can get wet, but it is not advisable to subject them to the aggressive action of washing machines, nor is it recommended to leave them in direct sunlight.

To care for models made of suede, gently sandpaper or brush with the finest and stiffest bristles possible, then, if possible, wash them with mild soap and cold water.

For models made of leather, clean with a slightly damp cloth and let them dry, then spread with colorless cream. Let the cream process dry and then rub gently with a dry cloth.

In fabric models, it is recommended to wash them by hand with mild detergents and cold water.

The inner linings are an important part of the shoes, to clean them you have to rub gently with a sponge moistened with mild detergents and cold water.

Nordikas The Best Place in the World.

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