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Espadrilles Espadrille Sandals for Women by Fabiolas Elba 500800

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Esparto or jute sandals made with soft and flexible skins that will adapt quickly and easily to the shape of our feet.

They have a beautiful and attractive design with two crossed straps on our instep and with a bracelet that surrounds our ankle so that we can walk safely.

These espadrilles have a medium-height wedge that will allow us to use this shoe both to dress informally and to be able to attend more dressed-up events.

Combine these espadrilles with your favorite clothes and use them to walk comfortably 7 days a week.

Made in Spain.

Open Espadrilles Shoes for Women by Fabiolas Elba 500800.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Wedge height of 6.5 centimeters.

Height of the front platform of 2 centimeters.

Closure and fastening system by means of a buckle.

These sandals have a fine bracelet that surrounds our ankle. With the good size metal buckle we will be able to adapt this shoe to the width of our ankle so that we can walk safely.

The toe of these espadrilles is square in shape, large enough for our feet to enjoy their space comfortably.

The two crossed strips that they wear on our fingers and the lower part of our instep will provide us with excellent support so that we can walk safely and comfortably for many consecutive hours. These crossed straps have a nice V detail in the way our instep enters. This V is very flattering for our feet.

Its insole has a large padding so that it cushions our footprint and we can use these sandals for many hours, 7 days a week.

The midsole or midsole of these espadrilles is made of esparto or jute.

The main characteristics of this material are the following:

Esparto is a plant obtained from wild plants of the group of grasses that has been used for many years for a multitude of different products. Esparto grass or jute has been used to make ropes, espadrilles, and baskets in a manufactured way, in many cases at home.

The esparto grass or jute in the footwear will provide us with excellent breathability and great cushioning so that we can use these footwear with great comfort on the hottest days of the summer season.

When we use footwear made with esparto grass or jute we have to know that due to the retention properties of esparto grass, they are products with water retention capacity since they do not burn or deteriorate for this reason. We will have resistant products with which our footwear will have a long durability. It also has benefits for the environment as it is a sustainable material that does not pollute and is biodegradable.


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