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Casual Water Resistant Sneakers for Men by UYN X-CROSS TUNE

REF: 10700166-42-ARENA Y AZUL
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Progress has come to our feet thanks to UYN and its models made with Merino wool. These booties are flexible, eco-friendly, waterproof and made in Italy.

Its design is like the materials used in its manufacture, very innovative and we are passionate from the first glance.

Once we take them out of the box and put them on our feet, we are surprised by the softness of their materials and the ease with which they adapt to our feet.

We went out to test them and walked with ease and comfort but we noticed their comfort and excellent cushioning system when we hit a short run.

It doesn't matter if it rains or it's cold, its Water Resistant treatment and its merino wool lining guarantee us to keep our feet dry and a pleasant temperature at all times.

UYN Made in Italy.

Sports shoes. These high-top sneakers or sports boots are made with the latest generation of textile materials.

Its main characteristics are the following:

UYN X-Cross Tune Y100003 M190 Sand/Blue, color sand and blue.

UYN X-Cross Tune Y100021 B732 Optical Black/Black, color black.

Wedge height at the heel of 3.5 centimeters.

Height of the cane of 8 centimeters.

Closing and fastening system by means of laces.

This casual sports-style shoe has 4 loops through which the laces pass. These laces are thin, round and made with elastic materials to facilitate the fit and that we have a good support of our feet so that we walk safely and comfortably.

This model of sports shoes is designed using 3D Reverse technology that stabilizes the front and sides while reducing possible wrinkles that can be produced by the movement we generate when we walk or run.

The X-Cross technology will provide us with a perfect and stable fit in the middle part of our feet. This new technology guarantees us safety to run.

We are going to be able to use this shoe on the coldest days of winter without fear of being cold since it is made with merino wool. Merino wool is made with extrafine fibers that are very soft when in contact with our skin. It will allow us excellent breathability to avoid excess sweating and thus no bad odors will form even if we wear this shoe for many consecutive hours.

These shoes are made of one piece sole, the heel, the toecap and the sides can be partially hardened, however the upper part will always maintain its elasticity and in this way we will always have an easy fit without losing a apex of stability.

Its inner template that is removable so that we can take it out and change it comfortably is padded and in this way it will help us to walk comfortably since it will absorb part of our body weight.

Its outsole is made with a light foam that has been specifically designed for sports shoes. It will provide us with excellent high-response cushioning. It will help us with the absorption of the impacts that occur when we walk or run and it will not slow us down when we rest our heel on the ground. Its HOOF HEEL element is designed to cushion the vertical forces that occur with the impact of our heel and will extend them horizontally, ensuring a smooth landing. The innovative shape of the sole is important in this aspect.

UYN Unleash Your Nature.

Heel Height:
10700166-42-ARENA Y AZUL
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