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Pepe Menargues Casual Leather Women's Ankle Boots 20850

REF: 20400657-38-NEGRO
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With these beautiful boots made with top quality leather, we will be able to walk for hours enjoying their great comfort.

They have an attractive and original design with a zipper on the outside.

We will be able to combine them with different types of clothing and have daring and different looks every day of the week.

Made in Spain since 1957.

Shoes with the high cane. These urban-style ankle boots are made with soft leather that will easily adapt to our feet so that we can use them on a daily basis.

These beautiful ankle boots designed so that we can enjoy their style and comfort in the fall season. They have an internal lining made with soft hair that will provide us with a pleasant sensation of thermal comfort so that our feet do not stay cold.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Pepe Menargues 20850 Calf/Greige Hair/Ice, Ice color.

Wedge height of 5 centimeters.

Height of the sole in the toe of 2 centimeters.

Cane height 14 centimeters.

Ankle contour of 28 centimeters.

Closure and fastening system by means of a metal zipper on the outside of this shoe.

Pepe Menargues is the reference brand of comfort footwear in Elche (Alicante). Recognized for its artisan tradition, creativity and ergonomics, together with its soft piles, flexible shock-absorbing soles and insoles that adapt to the foot, it creates a premium quality shoe, with exceptional design, comfort and attention to detail.

They are a shoe:

- What has an extra fit so that our feet can enjoy their space with comfort.

- Flexible so that we can walk comfortably for hours.

- Light, we will not notice that we are wearing them on our feet.

- Breathable, so that the interior temperature is pleasant and we do not generate excess sweating with continued use.

- It absorbs impacts when we walk and thus our joints suffer less.

- Adaptable.

- Suave yes.

- Special insoles are padded so that we can walk comfortably 24 hours a day.

Its outer sole is made with lightweight, flexible synthetic materials that will provide us with excellent grip on the different types of terrain that we can find when walking through our cities.

Made in Spain.

Pepe Menargues Happy Walk. Since 1957.

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