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Leather Salon Shoes with Heel for Woman by Pedro Miralles 18094 Posets

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Salon-style shoes are the icon of elegance, all women have to have at least one pair of this type of footwear in our closet.

The lounge shoes made with skins are comfortable and have a very easy and fast fit.

This particular model has a daring design with a large metal stirrup or fitting on our fingers, giving these rooms a very chic touch.

Pedro Miralles elegance at our feet since 1959.

Pedro Miralles 18094 Poset Leather Heeled Shoes for Women.

This women's footwear made with top quality materials has an attractive design that never goes out of style, we can say that they are basic shoes to have in our closet. It is the type of footwear that can get us out of a lot of trouble since we will be able to use it both to go to our marathon office days during the week and to go elegantly dressed to enjoy events on our days off.

Light lounge shoes that will easily adapt to the shape of our feet aided by the softness, flexibility and nobility of the skins used in their manufacture. This shoe is entirely made of leather, both the exterior and the lining or interior.

Natur Iceberg, light blue color.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Heel height of 5 centimeters.

Contour of the heel of 10 centimeters.

Fastening system by means of an elastic strap that passes through our heel.

Its toecap has a sharp shape but hides inside a wide last in which our feet and toes will be able to enjoy its space to walk comfortably.

This women's footwear has a padded insole that will help us walk comfortably thanks to the cushioning that it will offer us, preventing our joints from suffering excessively from the impacts caused by our body weight when we walk.

The closure and fastening system through the hidden elastic at the end of the straps that pass through our heel is very fast, practical and gives us good support so that we can walk with style, elegance and above all safety for many hours.

The outsole is made entirely of rubber, which is a light, flexible material that also gives us good grip so that we don't slip walking on the different types of surfaces that we can find on the floors of our cities and towns.

They are made entirely in Spain.

Pedro Miralles since 1959.

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