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Foos Alissa 02 Women's Leather Sandals Clogs

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Casual-style wide-heeled clogs made of high-quality soft leather.

When spring arrives and with it temperatures rise, we all look for lighter, cooler shoes that help us walk comfortably and with our feet at a good temperature.

This clog model with its beautiful design is ideal for us to wear them 7 days a week and combine them with our favorite clothes.

Made in Spain.

Shoes Clogs Open Sandals for Women by Foos Alissa 02.

These clogs are open both at the toe and at the heel. We only have our feet held by the blade that covers our instep.

With these beautiful clogs on our feet we will be able to go to work on weekdays but we can also combine them with our most elegant clothes and go to parties and events on weekends or holidays.

The strip of leather that crosses over our instep has the ability to adapt very quickly to the shape and width of our feet due to the softness they give off.

This shoe is very versatile so we always have to have a pair of them in our closets.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Heel height of 3.5 centimeters.

23 centimeter heel contour.

Closing and fastening system by means of the strip that it has on our instep.

The straps that pass over our instep and leave our toes exposed are made with top quality leather. These leathers in the tone of the sandals are represented in basic colors so that it is very easy to choose the ones we like best and the ones that will best match the clothes in our wardrobe.

The square-shaped toe has enough space for our fingers to have their own space and be comfortably installed in these clogs. With the softness of their skins and the size that our fingers will have, we will be able to avoid uncomfortable chafing.

To help us walk comfortably, this shoe has a padded insole with a material that will provide cushioning to help us protect both our joints and our back from the impacts that occur when we walk.

The outsole is made with synthetic materials that are light, flexible and will offer us a good grip so that we can walk safely and avoid unwanted slipping.

Made in Spain.

Foosshoes quality footwear on our feet.

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