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Cowboy Camper os Leather Ankle Boots for Women by LOL 6988 Rosana

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High-top shoes or ankle boots with an original design that will easily adapt to our feet so that we can wear original looks 7 days a week.

They have a heel less than 5 centimeters high, that is the ideal height so that we can enjoy their comfort without our back suffering.

Combine them with your favorite clothes and enjoy the spring-summer season.

LOL Shoes 6988 Rosana Casual Ankle Boots for Women.

These beautiful ankle boots with their perforated elastic detail make this shoe a great option for us to have our favorite ankle boots on our feet.

Texan-style ankle boots fill fashion magazines and influencers use them a lot on social networks. We are going to have many ideas that help us in the inspiration to wear attractive and different looks every day of the week.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Heel height of 4.5 centimeters.

22 centimeter heel contour.

Cane height of 13 centimeters.

Contour of the cane at the ankle of 26 centimeters.

Closing and fastening system through the raised blade and the high cane. On both sides it has two elastics with a perforated drawing that is original and attractive in equal measure.

To help us have a quick and easy fit, this shoe has a handle on the cane on the heel.

It has a sharp toe that hides a wide last inside so that our feet can enjoy their space and, incidentally, avoid injuries that can be caused by continuous rubbing when walking.

In the design of these beautiful ankle boots, special care has been taken to ensure that they are comfortable for walking and that is why the insole is padded so that it cushions us when we walk.

The outsole is made of synthetic materials that are lightweight and have good grip.

We will be able to keep our booties like the first day for a long time by following these simple steps:

-We will have to avoid humidity and use in rain or snow for a long time.

-If our footwear is wet, we will have to dry it at room temperature, always away from artificial heat sources such as dryers or radiators.

-In these types of leather it is not recommended to use polishing products, you only have to use products suitable for this type of split leather.

-We have to remember that the interior leather linings can fade or discolor due to use, friction or sweating itself.

Heel Height:
21600053-37-SERRAJE CUERO
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