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Camper os Cowboy Women's Boots by Carmela Shoes 160105

REF: 20400622-40-SERRAJE NEGRO
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With these cowboy boots made of soft leather and their original design, we will be the center of attention when we wear this very feminine shoe.

They have an original design with a fastening system through a zipper on the inside.

Walk comfortably with its 4 centimeter wide heel, combine them with your favorite jeans, they look great with the pants tucked inside so that we can show off the external detail.

They are light and the skins are very soft. The color is easy to combine with our favorite clothes.

Made in Spain.

Shoes with a high cane with a design based on the classic cowboy boots adapted to our days.

Cowboy-style casual ankle boots made with soft and flexible skins that will easily adapt to the shape and size of our feet. This women's shoe has a medium-height heel of less than 5 centimeters, which is ideal for us to walk comfortably and at the same time wear different and attractive looks and outfits every day of the week.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Heel height of 4 centimeters.

23 centimeter heel contour.

Cane height 20 centimeters.

Ankle contour of 29 centimeters.

Closure and fastening system by means of a metal zipper on the inside of these boots. The zipper will give us great speed when it comes to putting on and taking off our shoes, as well as excellent support so that we can walk with our feet attached. This zipper ensures that these boots fit perfectly to the shape of our feet, achieving a flattering effect.

The mouth/neck or collar of this shoe has a size that will allow it to fit most legs.

We will walk with great comfort since these boots have the Comfortflex system. With this system we will experience a great sensation of comfort through the soft insoles that will adapt to our feet.

The sharp toe hides inside a last with ample space so that our feet can enjoy their space, avoiding uncomfortable chafing that can occur when we walk.

These boots have a padded insole that will help us walk comfortably.

This style of ankle boots has filled fashion magazines and social networks with the most active influencers of the moment. We will be able to copy many ideas so that we can wear our ankle boots with different and attractive looks every day that we use them.

The outer sole of this shoe is made with synthetic materials that will provide us with excellent grip on the different types of surfaces that we can find when we walk through the streets of our cities.

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Heel Height:
20400622-40-SERRAJE NEGRO
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