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Women's Boots Laces by LOL Shoes 7009 Irma

REF: 20400619-37-SERRAJE NEGRO
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Boots inspired by military designs arrive with force on our streets. These beautiful leather boots with a design with softer and more attractive lines than those for men are light and comfortable, perfect for us to use on a daily basis.

We find the metallic detail that the laces have on the front of the boots attractive. We can combine them with both pants and skirts so that our outfits are striking.

Walk with this robust shoe on your feet, they are going to be boots with great durability.

Lol Shoes for Calzados Vesga .

Shoes with the high cane. These precious ankle boots are made with soft leather so that they adapt easily to our feet and we can use them comfortably from the first day.

Casual and urban style boots inspired by traditional military boots are on trend. All the firms have taken and adapted the military design to their own brands to fill the streets with girls with a casual and carefree look.

These boots made with soft and flexible skins are very comfortable and we will be able to use them 7 days a week wearing different looks every day.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Heel height of 3 centimeters.

Height of the sole in the toe of 2 centimeters.

Cane height 14 centimeters.

Ankle contour of 28 centimeters.

Mixed closure system made up of laces and a metal zipper on the inside of this shoe.

These boots have a central lace-up formed by 7 eyelets to adjust the laces. The laces have a round shape, a standard size and are made with textile materials that are resistant to the pulls that we are going to subject them to when we adjust this shoe to the width of our feet.

The metal zipper on the inside will allow us to put these boots on very quickly. We will only have to adjust the laces to the size of our feet and ankle and then with a movement of our wrist we can put on or take off the boots.

To make it easier for us to put on these casual and urban style ankle boots or boots, they have a pull tab on the heel.

This shoe has a slanted toe box but with a good interior shape so that our feet can enjoy their space and avoid chafing.

Padded interior insole that will cushion our weight and help our joints and knees suffer less from the impacts that occur when we walk.

The outsole is made with synthetic materials and is light, flexible and has excellent traction on different types of terrain, aided by the teeth that it has patterned on the sole.

Lol Shoes for Calzados Vesga .

Heel Height:
20400619-37-SERRAJE NEGRO
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