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Leather Casual Military Biker Boots with Laces for Women by LOL 6861 Dipha

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Shoes with the high cane below our knee. These casual and urban style boots are made with soft skins that will allow us to use them comfortably from the first moment we take them out of their box.

They are boots inspired by military boots and motorcycle riding boots that, with a robust appearance, convey safety in their materials and with which we know that we are going to wear our feet protected against inclement weather and against the small bumps that we can occur when we walk against street furniture or sidewalks.

Despite their appearance, they are light boots with which we will be able to enjoy walking comfortably during our urban days.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Heel height of 5 centimeters.

Height of the cane of 20 centimeters.

Calf contour of 28 centimeters adjustable by means of laces.

Mixed closure and fastening system since it has a lacing in the central part and a metal zipper on the inside of this shoe. The strap with two large metal buckles on the outside is decorative.

The lacing has 6 eyelets and 3 metal pins to pass and adjust the laces and that we have a good hold. The laces are round and made with textile materials that are resistant to the pulls that we give them in order to adjust the footwear to the width of our legs and feet.

The fit of this footwear is very easy and fast since with the laces we will be able to use them for many women with different calf sizes. The zipper will provide us with simplicity and speed to put on our boots with a simple movement of our hands.

It has an overlapping layer of neoprene that will keep our boots looking new for longer by protecting the areas that are most chafed when we walk.

The toe is round and wide with a good inner last so that our feet can enjoy their space and avoid injuries caused by chafing.

Cushioned inner insole to absorb our body weight when we walk, helping us to mitigate the impacts that occur in our joints when we walk.

The outsole is synthetic, flexible and with a good grip on the different types of surfaces that we can find walking around cities.

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