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Kids shoes

Great selection at the best footwear brands for children and girls boots, ankle boots, shoes, slippers, sandals, espadrilles, sandals, and all type of footwear with the best prices for the little kids.


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Primigi Boys Boots GTX 8194 - BLACK

Price €84.90
Availability: 1 In Stock

Primigi Boys Boots GTX 8194 Casual style ankle boots made from fur. They are perfect for fall as with their internal Gore-Tex membrane they will not get their feet wet and have them at a good temperature. The fit is fast and good fastening by two adjustable velcros.


Primigi Elvis 6149 - YELLOW

Price €74.90
Availability: 1 In Stock

Primigi Elvis 6149

Heel heel height 2 cm

Cane height 6 cm

Children boots for children with inner membrane of Gore-Tex water that protects us and gives us a good transpiration

Reinforced toe so that children can play

Fastening system by elastic cord and an adjustable strap with Velcro

removable insole

Italian Leader Primigi For Kids

Kids shoes


The smallest of the House deserve the best shoe. Never stop still, go running from here to there, and it is for this reason that we consider very important to use quality children's shoes making them to be comfortable.

 Children are constantly growing, a good shoe help correct growth, avoiding postures on the treadmill or tread which may jeopardize future discomfort or bad postural habits that lead to problems in the future.

 Footwear today, using will define them tomorrow and therefore in footwear Vesga only we offer shoes kids brands made with top quality materials. You'll find a wide variety of shoes you are looking for a casual children shoes for every day as if you want to find an infant shoe for an event such as a communion or wedding.

 Equip your child with the best boots for child and stay quiet that your foot will go safe, dry and comfortable. Similarly you can offer to your daughter the best selectionof dancers to feel elegant and comfortable there by where you go.


 Infant shoes


There're many different and fun designs that will delight the Kings of the House when choosing shoes. Athletic shoes children's physical education classes or your favourite sport, comfortable school shoes that will last long time or beautiful open children's shoes for the hottest days. No doubt we have what you are looking for.

 And best of all, is that many of our children's products are discounted so you can save a considerable amount of money without having to sacrifice comfort and healthof your child's feet. You won't find footwear top brands with a few competitive discounts for children.