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Esparto Esparto Jute Casual Man Salvicalzados 411-280 - CalzadosVesga

REF: 11500330-42-AZULES Y BEIGE
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Casual men's shoes made with canvas. These espadrilles with an ideal footwear for both spring and autumn. They have a beautiful design ideal to convey a fresh and original look. These espadrilles can be used without socks to show off our feet and follow the latest fashion trends. Footwear made with esparto or jute is beneficial for the environment since it is an ecological vegetable fiber. Walk in comfort and style with these pretty espadrilles on your feet.

Men's shoes for good weather made with canvas. These espadrilles have a very modern urban design following fashion trends so that we are up to date in our informal looks.

We will have a quick and easy fit since when we are on the shovel we will have our feet well supported so that we can walk safely and comfortably.

It is a very cool footwear ideal to use in summer when temperatures rise and our sweating increases.

The design is inspired by the espadrilles of the fishermen of yesteryear, which was a very comfortable and very versatile footwear perfect for day to day.

They have a nice color with horizontal lines combining two colors so that it is very easy to choose the clothes with which we want to wear them. We are going to wear an informal and discreet outfit perfect to go to work or to go out on weekends.

They are very light espadrilles, they weigh so little that you will not notice that you are wearing them on your feet. You have the feeling of walking barefoot.

The canvas will allow us a good perspiration.

The esparto or jute of the midsole adds comfort to our footprint while giving us good stability.

Jute is a natural insulator that will protect our feet from the heat during the summer season and at the same time will protect us from the freshness when autumn begins. As it is a material with good perspiration, it will avoid the appearance of excess sweat on our feet.

Another point in favor of esparto or jute is that it prevents the appearance of bad odors due to its plant composition. If we add to this the therapeutic effects that it gives us by promoting better circulatory irrigation of our feet and legs, they become a wise choice when choosing footwear to use daily on hot days.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Wedge height on the heel of 2 centimeters.

Rounded toe with good inner shape.

Padded insole.

Synthetic outsole, flexible and with good grip on different types of ground.

Made in Spain

Salvi Calzados.

Heel Height:
11500330-42-AZULES Y BEIGE
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