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Dress Shoes with Drawstring Blucher Oxford for Men by Luis Gonzalo 7937H

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Blucher Shoes with Lace for Men by Luis Gonzalo 7937H is a masculine cut and design shoe made with top quality leather that is soft and flexible.

The current design of these shoes makes them very easy to combine both with our best suits to attend ceremonies or events and with jeans, achieving a dressed and urban look at the same time.

Made in Spain by master craftsmen.

Dress Shoes for Men by Luis Gonzalo 7937H.

Shoes with a masculine cut made with top quality leather so that they adapt quickly and easily to the shape of our feet. This material is so malleable that we can wear these shoes for the first time and start walking in them with great comfort.

Oxford or Blucher-style lace-up shoes are timeless shoes that never go out of style and of which we must have at least one pair in our closet.

Dress shoes with a smooth upper are very versatile since we will be able to combine them both with our best suits and going to celebrations, as well as with our jeans or chinos and wear more urban and informal looks but without losing that chic touch that we wear. In the feet.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Heel height of 2.5 centimeters.

Height of the sole in the toe box of 1 centimeter.

Closure and fastening system by laces.

This shoe has a central lace-up formed by 5 eyelets through which to pass and adjust the laces. These laces are thin in size, round in shape, in a single color and are made with textile materials that are resistant enough to withstand the pulls to which we are going to subject them when we adjust these shoes to the size and width of our feet.

The toe has a profiled shape with a wide inner last so that our feet can enjoy their space and in this way we can avoid uncomfortable chafing that can occur on our feet when wearing shoes with a narrow last.

These beautiful shoes have a padded insole inside to help us and make it easier to walk comfortably for many consecutive hours.

The outer sole has a mixed manufacturing, that is to say, a part of the sole is made with rubber so that it can offer us excellent grip on the different types of surfaces that we are going to find when we walk through our cities or towns and another part of the The sole is made of leather so that we have good perspiration and in this way we can avoid excess sweating that occurs in the feet on hot summer days.

Luis Gonzalo Hand Made in Spain.

Heel Height:
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