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Dr. Martens Original Women's Military Boots 1460 Smooth

REF: 20301314-37-NEGRO
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Original Martens boots so that we can enjoy their unmistakable style, resistance and urban DNA. With these Dr. Martens Air Wair boots on our feet we will walk safely and marking our personal style.

Enjoy combining these boots with your favorite clothes, you will see how easy it is to wear daring and informal looks with this timeless footwear on your feet.

The quality of its materials will allow us to use these boots for several seasons, taking advantage of them when the skins adapt to the shape of our legs.

Shoes with the high cane. These women's urban boots are made with top quality leather. The Smooth skins that Dr.Martens uses in this shoe model are known for their rigidity when we start using them, this same rigidity becomes an exceptional resistance that will allow us to extend the useful life of these boots for many years.

The main characteristic of these Smooth skins is that depending on the treatment that we give them, we will be able to visualize one finish of the skins or another. On the one hand, we can polish them so that they shine or we can choose to let them wear down and peel, achieving a totally different effect. Any of them is attractive to us and attracts the attention of those who look at our feet.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Heel height of 3 centimeters.

Height of the sole in the toe box of 1.5 centimeters.

Cane height 16 centimeters.

Ankle circumference of 25.5 centimeters.

Closure and fastening system by laces.

These boots have 8 eyelets to pass through and adjust the laces. The laces have a standard size, a round shape, are of a single color and are made with textile materials that are resistant to the pulls to which we are going to subject them when we adjust this shoe to the shape and size of our feet.

To facilitate the fit of this shoe we will be able to use a wide handle that these boots have on the back of the shaft.

We will be able to walk comfortably with these boots during our long urban days, supporting our body weight on the padded insole that this shoe has inside.

The midsole of these boots have a comfortable air chamber so that we can enjoy these beautiful boots on our feet.

Its outer sole is made entirely of PVC, which is a light, flexible material that provides us with excellent support so that we can safely avoid uncomfortable slipping.

To extend the useful life of these boots, the manufacturer recommends cleaning them carefully with a damp cloth and spraying them with a leather protector.

These boots are reinforced with Goodyear welting which means they have been sealed at 700 degrees of heat. The upper part and the sole are heat-sealed and sewn to maximize their resistance, it is practically impossible for the soles of this shoe to come unstuck

Dr. Martens AirWair.

Heel Height:
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