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Callaghan Men's Antimicrobial Polka Dot Socks Model 14

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Callaghan Men's Mole Patterned Antimicrobial Socks Model 14. No return or exchange is accepted on this product for hygiene reasons. These socks are one more step in everyday comfort. Due to their materials and manufacturing they will help us in the prevention of infections. Its construction is approved by the FDA, EPA and WHO, the most prestigious control bodies in textile manufacturing. They have a design that never goes out of style, they are the socks that we must always have in our drawers because we can combine them with any shoe, whether it is casual like boat shoes or more formal with chopped blucher shoes. They are very easy to put on and fit our feet and legs like a second skin, take advantage of the innovation in their manufacture and enjoy well-being when walking.

Beautiful socks made with the latest generation textile materials.

Its design is easily combinable, we will be able to wear a casual and urban look with any type of footwear on our feet.

With their softness and comfort, we will wear them both when we use more elegant leather shoes such as English blucher oxfords and when we wear them with sneaker-style sports shoes dressed to always be neat and comfortable.

We love the style that these socks give off, from the moment we touch them their touch is very pleasant and the fit is easy and fast since, being partly elastic, they adapt to the shape of our feet with great ease.

Its height will allow us to have our feet and legs protected up to half a cane.

They have a manufacturing that will allow us to wash them more than 100 times and their properties and benefits will be maintained for a long time.

Long durability, we will keep them as the first day for a long time.

No return or exchange is accepted on this product.

The main characteristics of these socks are:

- Classic plain socks, with Scottish thread.

- Antibacterial sock, with Bac-Pure treatment, effective for more than 100 washes so that they have a long life and can be used for a long time.

- Anti-fungal.

- Anti-odor. So that when we take them off after a day of use we don't give off bad smells.

- dermatologically tested

- Eco friendly.

- Oeko-Tex approved.

- It is non-toxic and has no material elements.

- It is a sock without seams to make it more comfortable.

- They have reinforced toe and heel for greater durability and resistance.

The composition of these socks is as follows:

82% Combed Cotton.

fifteen% Polyamide.

3% elastane

Made in Spain.

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