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This Made in Spain brand manufactures its entire collection and has all its facilities in Spain. It is a manufacturer committed to the environment that uses eco-sustainable materials in its footwear collections, both for men and women.

His designs based on a great color denote a marked accent with fashion and with the needs of our days. All the shoes are manufactured following high quality standards starting with the materials used and ending with the finishes of the shoes.

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Within the collections we can find attractive models that have been designed by the best designers of the moment who are inspired by our day to day and the world of the catwalk so that our shoes always stand out for their design and comfort.

Enjoy the urban and casual style that Slowwalk gives to its sneakers, shoes and boots without forgetting the strong personality that makes us recognize its collections on the feet of the people we come across on the streets of our cities with a simple glance.

All the shoes that Slowwalk manufactures have ergonomic designs, are comfortable and, most importantly, are respectful of the environment, the great commitment of this Spanish firm. The manufactured footwear is eco-sustainable with recycled materials. Fashion can thus be clean and respectful of our surroundings, of the world that surrounds us and in which we live.

The main premises of Slowwalk are the following:

Reduce: They manufacture comfortable and high-quality footwear, always trying as far as possible to reduce the consumption of materials in their manufacture.

Reuse: We try to reuse different materials to turn them into flexible and durable soles that we can enjoy to walk comfortably.

Recycle: Fully recyclable shoes. We will be able to separate the different materials and components with which they are made to make new ones.

Footwear made in Spain.

One of the models that is the flagship of the brand is the Mascota model, a shoe that is made with recycled canvas from plastic bottles and whose natural latex rubber sole will give us great flexibility and is sewn by hand.

Slowwalk espadrilles are ecological and eco-sustainable footwear that have an ideal design so that we can enjoy the good summer weather. they are fresh, breathable and adapt to any foot like a second skin. The models made with recycled cotton, which is a sustainable and respectful fabric that has the same qualities as organic cotton.

Shoes made of ecological cellulose are very light, weighing only 120 grams. We will not even realize that we are walking with them on our feet. Cellulose of forest origin consumes 60% less than water and a 66% of energy consumption.

There are animal free shoes that are approved for vegans. corn is 100% vegetable, organic and eco sustainable obtained from the part that is not eaten. Thus, the entire plant can be used.

The Latex model is a classic in the Slowwalk collections season after season. It always triumphs for its great comfort due to its seamless construction and that it fits perfectly to our feet. If we add its double insole and rubber outsole that is very flexible, it allows us to walk for many hours with these shoes on our feet.

The Biorvi model, in addition to being animal free or vegan, has a sole made of cork, which is a natural, renewable material and also contributes to the fight against climate change.

Animal Free, animal free awareness. By being committed to eco-sustainability.