List of products by brand Sixtyseven

Sixtyseven is an unconventional brand that is inspired by the cities that set the trend in the world.

Trend-setting women's footwear are collections for a young woman who likes fashion but doesn't waste time trying to please the rest of the world.

It is an original brand for authentic women who set trends.

Sixtyseven is a brand that is made up of a great team with the following values:

Daring, they do not obey the dictates of fashion.

Exciting, you have to be inspired by change and innovation.

Versatile, they are immersed in a continuous transformation.

Cosmopolitan, you will be able to wear looks that are a mixture of cultures and lifestyles with an own and international spirit.

It is made up of a great team of young designers with great talent and a strong personality.

Sixtyseven triumphs around the world.