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Okios Bioshoes is a young brand that combines comfort, ecology and design in the design and manufacture of all its collections.

Nature makes its way in our times and there is an increasing number of people whose life choice consists of enjoying their time in large natural spaces, letting go and enjoying a healthy and active life without having to give up design and the style of your footwear.

The Okios Bio Shoes brand was born to be able to satisfy this trend with daring, design, quality in all phases of footwear production and great comfort in all models.

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Okios Bioshoes is a brand that manufactures Bio Sandals and Footwear entirely in Spain with an anatomical, comfortable and comfortable design at the same time.

The brand was born from the experienced hands of a company dedicated in body and soul for 30 years to the manufacture of Bio shoes and sandals.

They seek to be able to offer all Okios users footwear that is respectful of the future of the planet.

The entire collection is designed from responsibility so that they are comfortable, light and comfortable shoes.

They are shoes made entirely in Spain with high quality materials.

Walk in Green with some pretty Okios on your feet.