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Fretz Shoes is a Swiss shoe factory that has been making footwear since 1903.

During all this time, producing high quality footwear to satisfy the most demanding feet of men who follow current fashion trends.

They only use the best materials, all of the best quality.

The entrepreneurial spirit, the living shoemaking tradition, a great sense of responsibility towards people and nature and, finally, a feeling for the right shoe, allow Fretz to look to the future seeking the satisfaction and well-being of all the people who entrust their feet to our shoes.

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Fretz Shoes is the largest Swiss shoe manufacturer and has been producing quality men's shoes since 1903.

A brand that makes 1,300 pairs of shoes per day and they have made 25 million shoes since 1965.

Gore-Tex Collections

Functional waterproof footwear.

Shoes with GORE-TEX technology meet individual requirements for climatic comfort. They are permanently waterproof and highly breathable.

When bad weather reaches its limits with these shoes on your feet you will be protected.

Hot, cold, wet. To ensure that neither the weather in the shoe nor its surroundings affect its comfort. Fretz has been processing most of its men's shoes and boots with Gore-Tex for many years. This proven high-tech membrane protects the foot from external climatic influences such as heat, cold and humidity, while at the same time conducting heat and moisture away from the foot thanks to its breathable properties.