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FAL footwear outdoor, hiking, adventure and safety footwear for more than 50 years in Spain.

This company located in Arnedo, La Rioja, has been a leader in the manufacture, sale and distribution of all kinds of footwear to enjoy nature and safety to be able to work safely since 1965.

Within its human capital it has 130 people with a great qualification and specialization to be able to produce 6000 pairs a day. This number of pairs is achieved not only with these professionals but also with the use of the most innovative technologies found on the market in order to achieve the... View more

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The FAL Innovation in Safety Footwear division is responsible for manufacturing professional footwear with safe, solid, durable and ergonomic models.

Safety boots and shoes are made using technologically advanced materials so that we can enjoy the maximum possible comfort when we use this footwear.

Some of the safety innovations that are used in the manufacture of safety footwear are the following:

BOA FIT SYSTEM: With the BOA system in our footwear we will be able to enjoy a fast, precise and effortless adjustment.

The BOA system is a unique closure system, which is used for the correct fixation of the footwear and a distribution of pressure on our feet. This innovative system consists of a reel, a robust stainless steel cord and nylon guides. It will allow us faster and more intense direction changes through a perfect connection between our footwear and our body. Being made with high-quality materials that are durable, we will be able to use them in any environment.

GORE-TEX: This textile material is waterproof, breathable and comfortable.

Gore-Tex footwear has been designed so that we can keep our feet dry and protected thanks to its waterproofing, great breathability and optimal temperature management.

Gore-Tex is combined with leathers, fabrics, insulation materials, etc... to achieve exclusive footwear.

GDP: The breathable, waterproof PBI fabric with microfiber is fire resistant.

Footwear made with PBI is designed to provide us with great lightness and breathable protection so that we can face the highest temperatures and heat.

The PBI fabric has almost no stiffness and gives us ease of movement so that we can move freely and comfortably without losing an iota of protection.

This material is light and at the same time highly resistant to flames.

FAL SOLES: They will provide us with maximum grip and at the same time maximum resistance.

Calzados FAL has many types of soles, we are going to find Extreme, Extreme Rubber, Forest, Grip Sport, Vibram Stone, Extreme Evo, each one designed and manufactured for a specific type of footwear depending on the use that we are going to give them.

These state-of-the-art soles are made of nitrile rubber, polyurethane foam, double-density polyurethane, etc... choose the sole that best suits your professional needs to be able to work safely without losing comfort.

ANTI-PERFORATION INSOLES: Insoles that will provide us with great resistance and that are at the same time light and flexible.

The important thing about these anti-perforation insoles is that they are not metallic since they are made of a fabric that is stronger and more resistant than steel. With these insoles in our footwear we can avoid some risks that we can find when nails, splinters, glass and any other element that can pierce the sole of our footwear are found in our work environment.

These templates are capable of resisting the action of flames and high temperatures up to temperatures of 400 degrees Celsius. It complies with the European protection standard EN 12568 and EN ISO 20344.

VINCAP TOE: An ultra-light toe

By using this ultra-light toe cap we will be able to enjoy protection with a very light weight. This toe cap resists a shock of 200 joules and a compression of 15KN so that our feet are safe in almost any situation. A point in favor of this tip is that it will not suffer from oxidation and is anti-allergic.

HYDROTECH: Waterproof, breathable comfort.

The footwear made with this material is the first boots on the market with all the protection and functions of traditional wellies but which are also breathable.

These well-type boots are very resistant and are designed so that we can use them under extremely demanding environments. They will be your ideal footwear if you work in fishmongers, butchers, construction, agriculture, mining, etc.

Inside it has a lining made with Extraguard Gore-Tex fabric that will keep us waterproof and breathable even under the action of sulfuric acid at 37%, and sodium hydroxide at 30% in addition to diesel.

They have great durability since we can use them without losing their lightness or performance after intense use under the worst weather conditions.