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Skechers Men's Outdoor Hiking Trainers 237179 Equalizer 4 Trail - Kandala

REF: 10700179-41-MARINO
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Men's trainers with the Outdoor Comfort sole and which have received a protective treatment against water and inclement weather Waterproof.

We can't wait to go out and walk our favorite trails through the mountains with the security that these sports shoes transmit to us on our feet. Our outdoor adventures will become a fun pastime every day of the week.

This shoe, which is made with a mixture of leathers and technical materials, will allow us to walk for hours comfortably helped by its Memory Foam insole.

It is a robust shoe, made of resistant materials so that we can walk or run in the mountains with the certainty that our feet will be protected.

Beautiful and original detail on the midsole with mottled motifs combining different shades.

Skechers Outdoor.

Shoes to enjoy the mountains taking long walks or running. They are extremely versatile footwear that we will be able to use both in our country adventures and in our urban day-to-day. This shoe has received a waterproof treatment so that we have our feet protected against water and humidity.

To walk safely, avoiding slipping, the outsole will provide us with excellent traction, great stability and they are made with highly durable rubber.

Sports shoes for us to walk and do our outdoor activities with great comfort and style on our feet.

This shoe is designed and manufactured so that we can walk the trails comfortably and with the security of having robust footwear on our feet.

They will quickly adapt to our feet thanks to the technical mesh mixed with leather that they wear on the upper part.

Its main characteristics are the following:

Skechers 237179/NVY Equalizer 4.0 Trail Kandala, Navy color.

Height of the wedge in the heel of 4 centimeters.

Height of the sole in the toe of 2 centimeters.

Cane height at the ankle of 4.5 centimeters.

Closure and fastening system by laces.

This shoe has 4 loops and 1 eyelet to pass through and adjust the laces. These laces have a standard size, a round shape and are two-tone. They are made with textile materials that will be resistant to the pulls to which we are going to subject them to adjust the footwear to the size and shape of our feet.

The mouth/neck and the tongue of this shoe are padded to give us a great feeling of comfort from the first moment.

These sports shoes have a round toe with a good inner shape so that our feet can enjoy their space comfortably. This toe is reinforced with two layers of rubber to protect our fingers from the blows that we can suffer when walking.

We are going to have a heel puller to help us have a quick and easy fit.

We have a padded insole with the Memory Foam system that will cushion each step we take on our excursions.

The midsole or midsole of these shoes is made with materials that will provide us with great shock absorption, which will help us protect our joints and back from the impacts that occur when we walk or run.

Its outer sole has a good pattern and is made with synthetic materials, specifically, it is made of rubber, which is a light, flexible material with excellent traction so that we can walk safely through the mountains.

Skechers Outdoor with Air Cooled Memory Foam.

Heel Height:
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